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  • Thanks for the clarification! Quote from gderf: “The identical serial numbers belong to the SATA to USB physical adapters, not the file systems on the plugged in and formatted disks. ” That would mean, that the drive and the USB-to-Sata-adapter is a bundle and shall not be changed later or mixed among each other, isn´t it? That would mean also, that the current problem of @andgi can only be solved with another adapter with a different serial number. Why are the serial numbers retrieved from the …

  • Quote from andgi: “Have two SATA to USB adapters (Orico 27UTS) Their SN and ID is the same, ” Two different devices with the same serial number Curious Normally different disks have unique UUIDs. Did you have cloned the drives with a tool before? You should do a full wipe of both drives.

  • Bitte poste hier mal einen Screenshot der Plugin-Einstellungen. Der Fake/Testmodus ist nicht zufälligerweise aktiviert? Man kann auch einen ausführlichen Modus aktivieren. Dann wird wirklich die kleinste Kleinigkeit in das Autoshutdown-Log geschrieben.

  • UPS Settiings

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    While configuring the NUT plugin page the driver tries to communicate immediately with the UPS. If the UPS is not connected via USB these kind of error messages are generated. Therefore switch the UPS on and connect it to the OMV server. Then repeat your configuration attempt. Btw: I am assuming that the 'usbhid-ups' is the correct driver type for your UPS. Otherwise check for alternatives.

  • Hallo, was passiert denn, wenn du den Shutdown Befehl auf einer Kommadozeile eingibst? Fährt das Nas dann herunter? Oder testweise mal von "Hibernate" auf den vollständigen Shutdown umstellen und testen.

  • Banned Account

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    Please look at this thread: How long is a user banned for multiple posting?

  • Quote from KM0201: “You can view imgur pics without being signed in. It showed fine for me, and I'm not signed in. ” That´s interesting! As I tried it the first time a sign in was requested.

  • OMV4 no network interfaces detected

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    The detection mechanism for the NIC in OMV4 has changed. Therefore my advice is valid and tested with OMV3. You can try to delete /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules if this file is still existing in OMV4. Please make a backup copy before to be able to restore it, if my advice don´t work. After a reboot you should be able to configure the NIC with omv-firstaid.

  • Quote from Wumpus: “"" ” No, don´t enter this. Please try it only with '4..4'!

  • USB Backup Plugin - Preemptive Query

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    Quote from Sui_Generis: “If I go down this route, is OMV/USB Backup using /dev/ identifiers or UUID's? ” UUID´s Quote from Sui_Generis: “Since I will be using multiple drives what I don't want to happen is two or more external drives (only one drive will be connected at any one time) to end up with the same /dev/sdx identifier and thus overwrite whatever is on disk B because it thinks it's disk A. ” I have different USB and eSATA drives for different shares to backup. If a drive is connected onl…

  • externer Zugriff auf Ordner

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    Hallo, habe persönlich damit keine Erfahrung. Im Forum habe ich schon öfter gelesen, dass dazu lokal als Docker-Container installierte Cloud-Lösungen eingesetzt werden können. Schau mal hier: [How-To] Nextcloud with Letsencrypt using OMV and docker-compose und ähnliche Artikel hier im Forum. Ist wohl nicht so ganz easy zum Einrichten.

  • I don´t know this Apple product. Maybe rsync pull is a way to go?

  • Quote from geaves: “Going back to 'you know who' he also didn't advocate using 'anachronistic settings' just to facilitate older tech ” Joker! It always depends on the individual case and in which environment this is used.

  • Quote from Scott Rowland Enock: “[Blockierte Grafik:] ” To see the picture a sign in is required by imgur. You can attach pictures directly to a posting. It is not necessary to host them.

  • Quote from geaves: “Would the option be to add min protocol=SMB1 to the Extra options in Advanced settings in SMB/CIFS. ” I would say it should be min protocol=NT1. Quote from jason2019: “Good news, my TV player is working with the RaspberryPi shared folder after I add the three line to smb.conf file and restart samba. ntlm auth = yes lanman auth = yes raw NTLMv2 auth = yes Big thanks to Aux. ” If you enter this lines to the Extra options in Advanced settings of SMB/CIFS it should also work with…

  • You could try to enter "4..4" in the IP range field. Then only this address should be checked.

  • Quote from Aux: “You edit sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf on OMV, then write under global as the last line: min protocol = SMB1 ” You should not edit /etc/samba/smb.conf directly. This file is rewritten by OMV when a share configuration is changed by the OMV WebUI later. Then all former manual changes are gone. All such modifications shall be done by the "extra options" field in the CIFS/SMB settings. Quote from Aux: “min protocol = SMB1 ” Regaring to the Samba documentation it should be "min prot…

  • Quote from geaves: “TBH I never use DHCP on a server always static. ” I remember a former quite active member called tk****r who argued that also servers should be on DHCP. My NAS is configured static IP and also the servers in my working environment have a static IP address. What are good rules to decide how to proceed? Quote from geaves: “It suggests to me that it's looking for the network to be up, the fact that you can restart after the system is fully up might suggest the same. ” Is there a…

  • Quote from Rui.Dias: “Do you have any idea why it doesn't run automatically on boot? ” Try to enable the command output via email. Then you should be informed what is going wrong.

  • Videos Begin Renamed

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    Too less information and too difficult to read.