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  • Advice about microSD card

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    Post For Windows users I think H2testw is preferred:

  • Quote from Morlan: “Its considered best practise to use the absolute path in case the relative paths of the sharedfolder might not work. ” But if you use the relative path and your data drive dies and you re-point all of your shares to the rsync'd backup drive your server is back up with nothing more to do. If you use absolute path, how does that scenario work? Quote from Morlan: “It actually prevends permission problems. E.g. in case you created the folders as root and the permissions are set t…

  • 1. With regard to creating a user "docker1" and then creating a directory for "docker1" in /home: when I create the user it is automatically given a home directory in my designated shared folder AppData. Can I use the already created "home" folder to house my yml files or does it specifically need to be /home/docker1/nextcloud and not /sharedfolders/AppData/docker1/nextcloud? 2. With regard to volume paths: when using docker gui and then Portainer the paths were always laid out with /sharedfolde…

  • Quote from macom: “According to hub.docker the image is 9 month old ” The image info page also says “THIS IMAGE IS DEPRECATED. PLEASE USE THE MULTI-ARCH IMAGES AT linuxserver/jackett“ I believe all of the lsioarmhf images have been deprecated. The linuxserver image will pull the correct version for your arch even if you leave the tag off.

  • Quote from kriber: “I am not sure, but I expect this to do the same ” Thanks for the replies @kriber and @Morlan. I now see line one in the example given. 2 and 3 are not present. Easy to fix. FYI ALL: I just ran docker compose for the next [HOW TO] regarding Plex and it worked like a dream. Renewed my confidence. I'm not an idiot after all; just a half wit. I guess I will go back and try Nextcloud again.

  • - I noticed that the volumes sections in docker compose implement absolute paths as opposed to the old docker install of /sharedfolders/AppData...etc. Is that correct? - I noticed that the yml file for nextcloud begins with version: "2" whereas the plex yml in a subsequent [HOW TO] begins with three hyphens with line two being version: "2". What do the hyphens do? - The error I posted above mentions iptables several times. Does this have to do with the MariaDB database? I know with the old TDL v…

  • So I freshly installed omv 5.0.10-1 on my NanoPi M4, and just to see i ran docker-compose --version and was met with this response: Command 'docker-compose' not found, but can be installed with: apt install docker-compose So I installed it and called for the version again to get this response docker-compose version 1.21.0, build unknown Next I ran docker-compose up -d and received the following, same as last time: Creating network "nextcloud_default" with the default driver ERROR: Failed to prog…

  • How to enable RAID via USB?

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    Read page 46 of this Getting Started user’s guide.

  • Quote from macom: “Maybe start again with a fresh install? ” Just what I was thinking. Thanks.

  • renew certificate let's encrypt

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    I think you can ssh into your server and run certbot renew

  • Installing to a USB external HDD

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    Could this be a BIOS boot order issue?

  • Quote from @Ciccius: “I've configurated NUT plugin to work with my Cyberpower. ” This may be a bit off topic. If so, could you open a new thread explaining a bit about your NUT utilization? - What model of CyberPower - What driver in your setup - What server you are backing up - Any other details that might be helpful to get NUT up and running (for the novice). I have looked at the NUT website and it all looks terribly outdated/unmaintained/unhelpful. Thank you.

  • At least I get a different response to docker-compose up -d this time around: Source Code (4 lines)all I did was run apt-get reinstall docker-compose and then the up -d command above. What have I done now?

  • I googled and I think I figured it out. rm or unlink followed by the second part of the previous symlink command. Like, unlink /usr/local/bin/docker-compose I’ll try that later when I get home. (If that’s right?)

  • Oh my! I’m sorry. That’s a new one for me. Can you give me the command for that? Thanks in advance.

  • Quote from macom: “Try apt-get reinstall docker-compose ” Still no... Source Code (19 lines)

  • Quote from macom: “Install it from CLI ” I've done that already... root@m4omv5:~# apt-get install docker-compose Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done docker-compose is already the newest version (1.21.0-3). 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

  • I don't know what I'm doing wrong because when I enter docker-compose up -d the response is always /usr/local/bin/docker-compose: line 1: Not: command not found I am also unable to create a symlink. The response i receive is ln: failed to create symbolic link '/usr/local/bin/docker-compose': File exists I'm running omv 5.0.10-1 with omv-extras 5.1.1 on a NanoPi M4 and everything is running great. If it makes any difference Cockpit still will not install, but I would only use it for the command l…

  • What happens to the ip address of an omv server if you connect it to a different network operating on a different subnet? If you don't have a static ip set, will it be like a mobile phone and just get an ip assigned by the new network's router? What happens if it DOES have a static ip address? I'm sorry for what is probably such a moron question. I have learned so much in the last 12 months, but routers and networks are still such voodoo to me.