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  • You access the web interface with IP:34400/web The xml you get without /web is normal behavior.

  • externer Zugriff auf Ordner

    Coxeroni - - General


    Wenn es nur für den Zugriff für dich selbst geht, würde ich bei VPN bleiben und Total Commander installieren. Damit kannst du auf smb/cifs Freigaben zugreifen ((S)FTP wäre auch möglich). Zum Teilen an Freunde würde ich dir eine Lösung über Nextcloud an's Herz legen. Erstens weil du freigebene Ordner über smb nicht über's Internet teilen kannst und zweitens weil du mit Nextcloud eine bessere Kontrolle darüber hast, wer auf was und wie zugreifen darf. Nextcloud gibt es z.B. auch über docker und lä…

  • I will try to do so. First I need to test my compose file for compatibility with OMV, I was running a reverse proxy setup on my VPS and therefore the config is a little different.

  • How to share an rclone mount via smb

    Coxeroni - - CIFS/SMB


    I have not fully understood the concept of folders, shares and mounts of OMV... Currently I am thinking how I should share an rclone mount I need to distribute to my nvidia Shield. So normally I would mount the rclone mount to something like /mnt/whatever and put that into the smb config. As I already learned, this is not how to do I properly in OMV. So first, where do I need to put the rclone mount? On the OS drive? On a data drive? With the latter I can probably add it to the shared folders an…

  • For piwigo I might be able to help further, since I already employed it on my VPS using docker-compose, at least for testing. So if you run into trouble, just let me/us know.

  • You just have to get used to the syntax of the compose file, but often you find an example at docker hub for the respective container, just like for the run command. Containers created with compose also appear in the docker gui of OMV, so can see there status from there.

  • Docker-compose is great. If you additionally back up the working directories of your docker containers you are back up in no time when you need to setup a new system.

  • Sounds good obviously I don't handle speed sensitive files at the moment.

  • Thanks Adoby for that long answer. The RAID setup was just for information. I will see if the case suits my purpose and if it doesn't work properly, I will send it back. It seems as I don't need the RAID function of the case anyway, but now it is ordered How will the speed from one HDD to the other be in such a setup? I mean the files don't need to pass the USB bus twice, don't they? Since I don't copy to both HDDs simultaneously, speed won't be cut in half I hope.

  • Thank you both, so be it I will have a look at rsnapshot. haven't heard of that yet. Sounds well suited for my case as it seems. One question about that Icy box encasing (IB-RD3621U3): if I understood correctly, this case also has a RAID controller on board, the settings RAID 0, 1, Single or JBOD/Big can be set with a jumper-linke setup (…x_de.php?we_objectID=3589). If I would want to use any of the RAID settings of the drive, how would that needed to be addressed i…

  • After operating two external drives on my Asus Chromebox for some years, I recently discovered that (at least) one of them is having bad sectors. Since I don't want to jeopardise my digital family memories, I want to switch to a more robust setup with OMV on the Chromebox and two 2 TB Ironwolfs in an external Icy Box case. Since I am new to the OMV family, I appreciate any hints or advice to my planned setup. OMV4 is already installed on the Chromebox and I have made the first steps with it (the…