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    thank you it was I was looking for I rum OMV as a VM on ESXi6 on an 8y old HP Microserver and I cannot properly run a 2ns emulation level So docker is out of my otions Quote from thelasthope: “Hi everyone. I managed to show the latest versions of the plex server using the omv update tab. following this post:…rpm-repo-also-back/397834 I execute the following commands: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/downloads.plex.tv_repo_deb_dists_._public_InRelease sudo apt update sudo…

  • in effetti è vecchiotta, ma quelle basate sui nuovi Celeron con core Gemini Lake sono tutte limitate a 16GB di ram massima e solo 1 ethernet (Giga) a questo punto credo che siano piu vantaggiosi i nuovi Ryzen Embedded V1000 con core Ryzen_2 a basso consumo Cerco sempre delle miniITX con cpu embedded perchè hanno consumi minori e volumi (del dissipatore passivo) compativili coi case Nas 4 bay e dovrebbero avere 2 ethernet


  • come ti dicevo, sto facendo piu fatica a trovare le motherboard embedded che non i case spervao di riuscire a fare un acquisto unico e comprarlo preassmblato da dover aggiungere solo le unità disco

  • sono diventato vecchio e pigro, non vado oltre l'aggiunta di ram e unità disco in realtà di case come il vostro non è difficile trovarne su siti appositi sto facendo facica a trovare le mb con cpu embedded Quindi ne approfittavo per fare un acquisto unico

  • in realtà sono indirizzato a queste soluzioni perchè offrono un elevato rapporto prestazioni consumi sulla fascia di consumo che ritengo accettabile per le mie esigenze e perchè i chipset sono appositamente dedicati ad uso nas/networking (2-4 ethernet, almeno 4-16 porte sata, etc) Ovvio che in questo caso mi basterebbe la varsione base da me indicata, piu che sufficiente a saturare i bay forniti dal case identificato Trattandosi di soluzioni dedicate al settore nas/networking mi aspetto che Linu…

  • il case simil Qnap per me sarebbe perfetto sarei piuttosto interessato ad approfondire l'offerta di motherboard con cpu embedded Ryzen V1xxx (4 core) oppure Intel C3xxx (8 core)

  • Ciao scrivo in italiano perchè immagino la potenziale clientela sarebbe italiana Da tecnico IT uso OMV princcipalemtne in ambiente domestico o soho (oppure per il remote backup della PMI fatto a casa della proprietà) . Credo che un hardware tipo Hp Microserver sarebbe ideale per dare il giusto mix di espandibilità, consumi, ingombri, purtroppo HP monta hardware custom, ma finalemente sono entrate in commercio diverse soluzioni interessanti di motherboard mini-ITX con cpu embedded (meno ingombri …

  • my fault, you were right I had to give up about the MS Linux container on Windows (Ubuntu 18.04 lts app from MS store) as far as believe it or not....there were not the kernel headers in the repo (being is a Ms 4.4 kernel and having the repo just 4.15 kernels) SO I went with the TunSafe Client for Windows, thus the Wireguard's author strongly advises against it Now there is a networking issue How does wireguard pushes the default route? I found misleading how-to on the internet At the beginning …

  • Hi, I'm running OMV since 1.x as a VM on a lovely Hp microserver gen7 running ESXi (now 6.5) I upgraded and tweaked bot the hardware (ssd, 8TB drivers, etc) and the sofware (esxi 6.5, OMV4.x) always looking to get better performance from such a limited hardware . Since my OMV4. runs OpenVPN as a server and WireGuard recently jumped to general news.... I've been astonished by the promised througput and little cpu overhead I was tring to install in on the OMV4.x (Debian Strecht based) and in an Wi…

  • Hi I'm just running the following plugin *lvm2 omvextrasorg *openvpn plexmediaserver Considering I cannot find the * marked plugins in the OMV4 plugin it to early for me to upgrade?

  • openVPN GUI - certificate page broken - - Plugins


    I just noticed that the certificate page is un-usable it was a while I haven't been accessing that page, so I actually can't tell how long is it broken since

  • Quote from tinh_x7: “I'm already on 3.0.63, I have to re-download the package to get it fix? ” please read the previous posts from my 1st post I wrote I was already on 3.0.63, thus the Update Manager web gui was asking to install the 3.0.63 pack with a 0.0kb size Follow the instructions

  • SOLVED Now I'm on 3.0.64 with no update annoyances here is what I did Source Code (6 lines)

  • If I try tu install the Openmediavault 3.0.63 package from Update Manager in WEB GUI it fails and I get the following Source Code (26 lines)

  • I have a VM with a fresh omv 3 install always up to date Now I have this issue with the update manager offering me to upgrade to 3.0.63 with package size 0.0KB according to System information version is already 3.0.63 with kernel 4.9.0-0.bpo.1-amd64 I've already tryed the apt-clean button from the webgui apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade from command line show nothing to install or clean same if I try apt-get install -f if I try to check the changelog of openmediavault 3.0.63 from Update ma…

  • problem solved I created a new certificate. Thus the previous one is still working from the windows come?!?!

  • the server is running on 1194 TCP, but I have a port fw rule on the router. Actually the public IP is responding on port 443 I need to do this because most of public Wi-Fi providers (Hotels, Airports, etc) just let you go ONLY through port 80 (default http) and 443(default https) As I wrote, not issue since 3 years connecting from a Windows client same configuration

  • I've been using OMV with the openVPN plugin since OMV 0.5 Now I'm with the latest 2.1 Everything has always worked fine whenever I tried to connect from a Windows client (using the config files downloaded from the web-gui) Now I'd like to connect from a Linux client running Ubuntu 14.04 Thus I'm using the very same files (config and certs) that are running with no issue on the very same laptop (when I boot in Windows) I keep on failing Same error message both if I copy the config files to the /e…

  • I mean the System==>Certificate voice what is it for? It should be to create the Server Certificate Authority, but it's ignored, at least by the openvpn server feature