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  • Rebooting won't help because omv-extras is (for the most part) javascript only. So, the browser needs to be updated in order to see it. This is all client side and rebooting the server can't help that. This applies to all versions of OMV. It might help in some cases just because it force the logout but the reboot is not needed.

  • If you use the proxmox kernel (ubuntu kernel), the module is there: aaron@omv5dev:~$ grep -i aqc111 /boot/config-5.* /boot/config-5.0.21-2-pve:CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111=m /boot/config-5.0.21-3-pve:CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111=m /boot/config-5.0.21-4-pve:CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111=m /boot/config-5.2.0-0.bpo.2-amd64:# CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111 is not set /boot/config-5.2.0-0.bpo.3-amd64:# CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111 is not set

  • Initializing OMV at boot Debian

    ryecoaaron - - General


    Quote from mr.G: “How does boot occur at system startup. It interests me to understand the order of launching systemd services and scripts from /usr/share/mkconf/iptables.d. ” There is a service that start openmediavault-engined. The mkconf scripts are only executed at configuration time when editing that specific config. So, the iptables scripts are only executed when adding/editing/deleting firewall rules in the web interface.

  • Reboot will never help. Clearing the browser cache or just hitting the refresh button would be better. Otherwise, post the output of: dpkg -l | grep openm

  • There is nothing redundant about an RPi. So, have redundant array of disks is not going to add much redundancy.

  • Quote from SaviorCalabro: “I'm using an old 32-bit PC, I don't have 64-bit PCs ” That just means you can't use the OMV iso. As mentioned many times, you can install 32 bit Debian Stretch and then install OMV 4.x on top of that. There is a guide in the guides forum.

  • Quote from nicovon: “should network mode be bridge? ” Sure. Quote from nicovon: “can the ip host be ” Yes. That just means it is listening on all addresses that the system has. Quote from nicovon: “ I didn't understand the difference between host path and container path. ” It is the mapping relationship between the path inside the container and outside the container. If the container reads or writes to the container path, it is actually reading/writing to the the specified host path. Pe…

  • Remote Mount NFS Support in OMV 5?

    ryecoaaron - - NFS


    Quote from seed: “Is there anyway to mount remote NFS shares on OMV 5? ” Command line

  • Quote from Agricola: “Well, I just wish I could watch the process. ” Probably not real exciting. Quote from Agricola: “I don't want folks blaming me for their plugin not getting ported. ” Trust me. My beer time is not when I port plugins. My motivation to port plugins (only three left) is very low right now.

  • Quote from Agricola: “Please don't do that on my account. That is not a good use of your time to try to fix just one install in that way. Really, it is not a big deal to me. ” It has me curious and it will be done with a beer in my hand. So, not a bad use of my time.

  • Quote from nicovon: “The omv web gui allows me to start the image, as shown here ” That pic doesn't show the container running. That just creates the container. The status should be in the grid at the bottom of the plugin. Did you start the container in the bottom grid?

  • Quote from Adoby: “Perhaps with btrfs or XFS you can have bigger filesystems? ” Yes.

  • Quote from Agricola: “No. I have tried to install Nextcloud using Portainer/Containers, Portainer/Stacks, and from the command line using docker compose. It is not possible in OMV5 and the NanoPi M4. As you said above, I have found a bug specific the M4 and maybe arm64 boards generally under OMV5. ” It isn't a bug and it probably only affects Debian Buster armbian images . It may require a different network setup but there is no reason this shouldn't work on OMV5. Quote from Agricola: “I'm just …

  • Quote from nicovon: “I didn't understand if it's enough to just start the container, or you have to start the image first. ” You can't start an image. You can start a container using an image. You definitely have to have the container running to exec into it.

  • Quote from nicovon: “no, I haven't created a repo yet. ” It won't do anything without a repo. Quote from nicovon: “I don't know if /home /svn exists ” If you didn't create it, it doesn't exist. ls -al /home/ will tell you but most people use a path that you know exists. All of the docker videos show how to do this. Quote from nicovon: “Is it a problem if it doesn't exist? ” If you need to keep your svn repo(s) after the docker container shuts down, it is very important.

  • And then? Did you create a repo with docker exec -it and the svnadmin command? Does /home/svn exist on your server? What isn't working?

  • Quote from benibilme: “You, your team had better put your intentions more clearly if you say otherwise. ” There is no team. openmediavault is one person - Volker. is a third party repo maintained by me with very little help. I cannot post something official for openmediavault and he cannot post anything official about omv-extras. When I posted about plugins being converted to docker, I didn't want anyone to get the impression that openmediavault core plugins were following the omv…

  • Quote from merill: “So in this mode var_dumps are shown, right? ” Should be.

  • Quote from benibilme: “Honestly, even if docker will be used, it should fit into the system conventions. For example, I am advised to use a container in place of webdav plugin in a new thread, because webdav will not be supported in OMV5. I installed it, now I have fiddle with new users, permissions etc. in docker environment. I have make docker volumes attach to the shares and many other tids and bits. This corrupts whole nas idea. About, more than ten years ago, I was managing my personal linu…

  • Quote from KM0201: “Like I said, unless there is some major deviation from previous releases that he's not told anyone about yet... I don't see why I would be wrong. ” Some of the omv-extras plugins may not upgrade well because originally there was not going to be an upgrade path for OMV 4 to 5. So, basically, people might need to upgrade omv-extras.