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  • Problem solved. I cleaned apl (on OMVextraORG and sharedfiles). Also members didn' have any permissions on ACL. Even if other user could write before changing ACL permissions. I didn't understand everything. But for now, it's working! Really huge thank you. You have been really competent and patient. There are things who are obvious for you, and not for me, and you really understood it! Bye!

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  • It only appeared when I added the file. Now I can't see this anymore... But other login, can write and read...

  • Did you mean this? mini_158063Capture.png Other users can write and read. It's only a user problem

  • Source Code (8 lines) Is that possible to increase speed? All created users have reading/writing permission. It works on win8 with one user. But on win10, with mind, it doesn't work.

  • I come back. I tried on a laptop, and the writing speed is really better. 2mb/s yesterday, and today 11mb/s! I have a last problem. On my other computer, windows 10, I can access to the nas, but I cant write anything. "you need permission to perform this action" And user seem well configured. Writing/reading permission are enabled. I do not understand...

  • Ok, work in progress. I'll speak you back when work will be over. Can you (fast) explain, what those command will change? I really appreciate your help, thank you! PS; Silent, I'll kill you!

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  • Do I need to add UIDD = XXX or just the XXX part?

  • Thank you for answering David ! I use my nas for personnal use (max size 5gb). And the hdd is ext3 (or ext 4) Reading is between 7 and 1o mbp/s. I saw on internet than, noatime might help. But I dont know how configure it.

  • I finally "fixed" this. I changed the hard disk drive. I can tell you it was not an alim problem, because the 2nd hdd needs more power than the 1st. I have some other trouble, low speed on local sharing. I used the command windows+R and I entered \\192.168.X.X, it works. But when I copy or paste something, speed is arount 2mb/s. It's not very much for local sharing, how can I fix it?

  • Hello guy, I registered from your nice forum just to ask you some help. First of all, sorry if my English isn't very good and if my sentences are not very explicit, I am a belgian french speaker. I installed omv 2.2.1 on my raspberry pi3 to make a personal nas. Everything work, except the USB hard disk drive plugged into my rpbp3. Here is the whole error I meet when I try to create a shared folder in my hdd (after deleting it!). My HDD is 320g, in ext4. Source Code (10 lines) Other small questio…