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  • My rock64 is running OMV 5.x but I didn't have any problems with the mergerfs pool on two SD cards connected via usb. If this is an OMV 4.x issue, I suggest people move to OMV 5.x. Since they are using the same version of mergerfs, I would say it is a problem with the omv 4.x image.

  • Quote from apveening: “I find deploying images to containers to be easier with the old Docker GUI. Once I have a container, I can manipulate it equally easy both ways, but I must admit Portainer makes it a lot easier to change the image source when updating. ” Other than the fact that no one is maintaining the docker plugin, portainer is actively maintained and many more features. So, it just makes sense to use it. Quote from apveening: “And it is a shame Portainer still needs version 2 of Docke…

  • Quote from nicovon: “So how do I access the repository from TortoiseSVN? ” What ever url you were going to use with http can be replaced with svn: http://server/reponame becomes svn://server/reponame If you need to know more, you will need to search for it.

  • Quote from daniel0319: “But with your script the installation ist easy or do I need to consider other things? ” I tried to make it as easy as I could.

  • logs in samba server

    ryecoaaron - - CIFS/SMB


    Quote from Rd65: “logging= is invalid. they speak about logging in the docu but there was and there is no parameter "logging=" inside! ” Quote from Rd65: “If you show me a valid reference for logging=syslog or whatever it takes as parameter, i will immediately stop complaining and ask the guys from samba, why they dont support doccumented parameters. ” I just linked to it. Did you even look? Not sure what else you…6bb15c31aa71b74fa5db86153 Quote from Rd65: “bu…

  • Quote from daniel0319: “Okay, So you mean I should use your script to get OMV 5.x with the newest Rabian Buster Image? ” Yes. Just make sure to use the Buster Lite image. Quote from daniel0319: “How can I get all my settings to the new system? ” You have to manually transfer them. So, you might need to use screenshots. Quote from daniel0319: “I backup my system every night with the backup option on the webif. Can I use the files from the backup to get all settings back? ” No since your backups a…

  • I wouldn't use that image.…?postID=219499#post219499

  • dpkg-deb: error:

    ryecoaaron - - General


    Your root filesystem is full. There are plenty of threads about figuring out what is filling it but du -d1 -h -x / will give you an idea.

  • Quote from apveening: “The one glaringly obvious difference is the lack of a Docker GUI in OMV5 (OK, it is not in the base OMV5 but in the extras). ” Docker has always been in omv-extras on OMV. The plugin did go away in favor of portainer in OMV 5.x. It is a much more powerful (and maintained) gui for docker. omv-extras has a button to install it as well. Quote from 0rsa: “I don't want again to have a poor unreliable Domotic system, mine is now very mature with Domoticz and this is essential fo…

  • logs in samba server

    ryecoaaron - - CIFS/SMB


    Chill out. Not sure why you are so angry about this. Quote from Rd65: “please show me only one official link to samba doku which describe a config item and parameter as "logging=syslog" and i never more complain about this. ” I can't deep link to it but search for the string "overall list of logging backends" on Quote from Rd65: “And no, i will not do discussions about this on github! Its your job to rtfm sambadocus because you build configs …

  • Quote from trapexit: “The underlying filesystem makes no difference. It's probably minfreespace=4G. Set it to 0. ” I didn't think it would but I forgot about minfreespace.

  • Quote from trapexit: “Do the following in a shell as root ” At least on an RPi4, that doesn't seem to work with /tmp possibly because it is tmpfs? Just gives an out of space error. But using /mnt instead, it works fine. So, based on mumbedeus' output and my test, I don't think it is an arm issue. Once I get home, I will power up the rock64 and test the sd card test.

  • Quote from SaviorCalabro: “BunsenLabs ” You seemed to have changed your repos and/or you are not really running Debian 9 (BunsenLabs may be derived from debian but it is not debian) and/or you might be running a desktop environment which is highly recommended not to do. So, those factors are probably contributing to your problems. I don't have time to figure out why it is not working on a very non-standard system.

  • Quote from geaves: “maintained the Pi image ” With OMV 5.x, the official Raspbian Buster Lite image should be used with the install script. Once a user is using that image, just about any suggestion on the RPi forum should work. In my opinion, all RPi users should be using that over the OMV 4.x image.

  • Quote from njinco: “ok, will try another one then do a fresh, this whole setup is already 6hrs if im not mistaken so i was avoiding a fresh start ” It shouldn't take six hours. Write image to SD card, boot, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, reboot, run install script.

  • Quote from phrogpilot73: “is there any downside to moving over to the standard kernel ” Depending on your hardware, it might not have drivers you need. It could be less power efficient. Hard to say. The backports kernel will still be supported for quite a while. By the time it isn't supported, I would seriously consider upgrading.

  • Quote from njinco: “is it ok to turn off pi when im halfway done? im just missing this steps. ” Your previous steps didn't really complete successfully. Quote from njinco: “rerun script and hope for the best? ” The script doesn't perform miracles if the system is in a really weird state (which it seems it might be). I would start with a fresh image. Quote from njinco: “its taking its sweet time or prolly stuck at this step... is it normal? green light is still steady so im just waiting before i …

  • Quote from phrogpilot73: “How can you tell if you're using the backports, standard or promox kernel? ” You would know if you were using the proxmox kernel because you have to manually install it. The backports kernel is the default in OMV. Otherwise, when you login to the OMV web interface, the kernel version will have pve in it for proxmox, bpo for backports, or neither for standard.

  • Quote from trapexit: “More likely there is some bug in mergerfs that for some reason is manifesting itself on that platform but not others or it's a bad build. But if I can't reproduce it or have any sort of errors I'm stuck. ” I have a rock64 and can try to reproduce this later. I will update after I test.

  • That physical network setup sounds pretty terrible and likely the cause. Just from your second screenshot, the system can't connect to the ubuntu keyserver. I doubt internet speed would affect this since it is very low bandwidth. Hard to say what is causing the problem with that setup.