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  • Quote from ijobs: “Any chance to finish the porting of the rsnapshot plugin soon ? ” It is in the repo. I did a quick port where it is not using salt like the new OMV 5.x plugins but it will exactly like the 4.x version.

  • Quote from Mumbedeus: “is this version just like a pre-release version of OMV 5.x? ” The script installs the latest version of the openmediavault package in the repo. Quote from Mumbedeus: “will I be able upgrading to that from todays version? ” Yes because OMV is just a package. Quote from Mumbedeus: “with only the OMV image (like in OMV 4.x)? ” The end result after using the script is the same as the image. There is no reason to use that image.

  • How to install WebDAV on the OMV5?

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    That image doesn't have an arm tag. You will have to find one with an armhf tag.

  • I wouldn't have removed the plugin but the following should fix it: echo "[]" > /var/lib/openmediavault/dirtymodules.json

  • Just don't use a desktop image.

  • Quote from SaviorCalabro: “so I have to buy a 64-bit PC if I want to be able to access you have my files on the outside of my home network do you have a solution to recommend me? I thought that with my 32-bit PC I could access from the internet ” No, you don't have to buy a 64 bit PC. The only thing that doesn't work is the docker plugin. You can still install Debian 10 Buster then run the install script to get OMV. You just will have to manually install the package then you can run th…

  • Quote from SaviorCalabro: “do I have to download the amd64 ISO version, mount it on a USB and install everything on a 32-bit PC????? ” Obviously that would not work on a 32 bit PC but you also can't use the docker plugin on a 32 bit PC. Unless you used a different PC this time, your original bunsenlabs install was amd64. That is why I assumed it was a 64 bit PC.

  • I didn't notice this until now but this time, you installed the i386 version of Debian. There are no 32bit packages in the docker repo. You need to install the amd64 version of Debian.

  • Quote from mac4rfree85: “In that method, i was not able to get Docker under Services. So i thought i will try omv4. ” That is because the docker plugin has been replaced with portainer on OMV 5.x. There is a button to install docker and portainer in omv-extras. There is also a button that takes you to the portainer web interface.

  • Quote from mac4rfree85: “But i wanted to try the stable OMV 4 version instead of beta. ” Especially on an RPi, I don't consider that image more stable than Raspbian Buster Lite and using the install script to install OMV 5.x.

  • How to install WebDAV on the OMV5?

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Quote from RedpaX: “Where? ”

  • Finetuning ext4 on Raid5

    ryecoaaron - - General


    Quote from JPT: “So, OMV does not use LVM on top of RAID, is that correct? ” You can but why would you need to? OMV doesn't use partitions with raid. So, if you expand the array, you can just expand the filesystem. LVM would just be another layer. Quote from JPT: “May I edit the OMV section in /etc/fstab? ” You can but it will be reverted. Quote from JPT: “this explains tuning the ext4 fs when it's sitting on a Raid. ” As long as you mount the filesystem in the OMV web interface, it is fine to c…

  • What is the output of: apt-cache policy docker-ce

  • Quote from Mumbedeus: “So what you suggest is that I should upgrade to OMV 5 instead? ” Yes. It has not been released yet but is very stable - more stable than the image you are trying to use. Quote from Mumbedeus: “Do you know where I can find stable images for the 5.x version - Rock64? ” With OMV 5.x, there will be no images with OMV pre-installed. So, download the latest Armbian image and run the install script. Quote from Mumbedeus: “Also, my dockers would run the same way, right? Isn't this…

  • My rock64 is running OMV 5.x but I didn't have any problems with the mergerfs pool on two SD cards connected via usb. If this is an OMV 4.x issue, I suggest people move to OMV 5.x. Since they are using the same version of mergerfs, I would say it is a problem with the omv 4.x image.

  • Quote from apveening: “I find deploying images to containers to be easier with the old Docker GUI. Once I have a container, I can manipulate it equally easy both ways, but I must admit Portainer makes it a lot easier to change the image source when updating. ” Other than the fact that no one is maintaining the docker plugin, portainer is actively maintained and many more features. So, it just makes sense to use it. Quote from apveening: “And it is a shame Portainer still needs version 2 of Docke…

  • Quote from nicovon: “So how do I access the repository from TortoiseSVN? ” What ever url you were going to use with http can be replaced with svn: http://server/reponame becomes svn://server/reponame If you need to know more, you will need to search for it.

  • Quote from daniel0319: “But with your script the installation ist easy or do I need to consider other things? ” I tried to make it as easy as I could.

  • logs in samba server

    ryecoaaron - - CIFS/SMB


    Quote from Rd65: “logging= is invalid. they speak about logging in the docu but there was and there is no parameter "logging=" inside! ” Quote from Rd65: “If you show me a valid reference for logging=syslog or whatever it takes as parameter, i will immediately stop complaining and ask the guys from samba, why they dont support doccumented parameters. ” I just linked to it. Did you even look? Not sure what else you…d4d11418080a916fd1350c6de Quote from Rd65: “bu…

  • Quote from daniel0319: “Okay, So you mean I should use your script to get OMV 5.x with the newest Rabian Buster Image? ” Yes. Just make sure to use the Buster Lite image. Quote from daniel0319: “How can I get all my settings to the new system? ” You have to manually transfer them. So, you might need to use screenshots. Quote from daniel0319: “I backup my system every night with the backup option on the webif. Can I use the files from the backup to get all settings back? ” No since your backups a…