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  • OMV 5.0.5 released????

    dungeonseeker - - General


    I did an install today on my Ras Pi 4, did the "as a service over Debian" method which worked out almost perfectly although after the installation was finished I had to manually download and authorise 3 keys so apt-get update wouldn't spit out errors and fail. Once I authorised all the keys everything started working perfectly, omv-update finished with zero errors and checking for updated plugins also finished with no errors. Just waiting for OMV Extras now before I swap from 4 to 5 permanently.

  • Been running Arrakis on my Pi 4 for a few months now and I'm loving OMV, it's so much easier running a Pi than having a second PC running 24/7 and OMV does everything my FreeNAS box used to do. I noticed that OMV 5 seems to be out now so I decided to install it onto a second SD Card and check it out and after a few small niggles I got everything working however there's so much functionality missing right now because OMV Extras is missing. I can live without NGINX and SQL but the lack of miniDNLA…