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  • Thanks a lot, that worked!!

  • Thanks for the reply. I already thought it must be encrypted folders. But then they must be like a split archive? So it does not reflect the typical setup you would do for encrypted storage on OMV?

  • Are more details needed? Or does anybody have an idea?

  • Hi Folks, I was in a coma for some time, came back and figured out I have a server Cool! Passwords also are no issues to remember (luckily). The only issue is I don't remember how the storage was set up. I see in the GUI a ZFS volume with 6 disks, which is all right. The volume is mounted on /pool0. If I look into /pool0 there are ~8 files with names like ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.... Any info on how to get access to my data? I have a script to mount storage which is referencing to /dev/sdx but th…