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  • So I bought a new miniPC a Z83-II Mini PC with Intel Atom x5-Z8350 & 32GB eMMC (labeled mmcblk0). It only has UEFI more and no legacy options, so I made the standard ISO UEFI compliant. It booted and ran through the setup perfectly fine, until it got to storage devices; it couldn't find my eMMC drive. I tested Debian 9 netinst ISO to see if it would, it does; which is confusing to me now. So why isn't OMV seeing my internal eMMC drive?

  • OMV 3 on UEFI

    hakarune - - General


    I was able to hack together an uefi iso by using Debian files, but my EMMC hasn't detected, still trying to fix that part though.

  • OMV on PC with UEFI only / eMMC

    hakarune - - General


    I was able to hack together an uefi iso by using Debian files, but my EMMC wasn't detected, still trying to fix that part though.

  • [Q] Music Organizing, Tagging, etc

    hakarune - - Plugins


    So I'm curious what options there are for music organization and tagging. I use cochpotato and sonarr for video organizing and naming, then emby to share it with my other devices. Is there a music application/plugin similar to sonarr and CP? Currently I use my desktop to run a musicbrainz app to sort and tag the music and move it; after I manually add the folders to my server.

  • Quote from tekkb: “@hakarune Try purging all mono packages and then try the plugin: apt-get purge mono* apt-get purge libmono* apt-get autoremove Also, delete that emby-server repo file and apt-get update ” Quote from tekkb: “Purge it, you are using the old plugin. You need to install openmediavault-emby. apt-get purge openmediavault-mediabrowser Then install the new one.” Sorry it took so long to reply, work and family been keeping me busy... So after doing what you said plus messing with my pi…

  • Quote from blindguy: “I had the same problem and ended up figuring out how to install Mylar. You won't get a fancy MyLar icon in the OMV interface but here are my notes: apt-get install python -y apt-get install python-cherrypy -y apt-get install git -y sudo git clone -b development /opt/Mylar You can start MyLar with python /opt/Mylar/ -d Mylar init.d Script +Create the default Mylar configuration file which the init.d script reads sudo nano /etc/default/mylar …

  • Quote from tekkb: “@hakarune. That force upgrade was for anderbytes. You have added something to your system that has kind of broke it. I see in your sources you had a emby-server repo file. Do you have any mono packages installled now? dpkg -l | grep mono” Yeah it has been there for a long time, but just deleted it as per instructed. And I have several packages with mono in the name.

  • Quote from tekkb: “The plugin has a force upgrade button. You click on that. Then a box pops up and you have to click on start. After it is done upgrading you will need to click on the plugins restart button. Then you will see the new version in the Emby UI.” I can't even get it to install, how can I force update if it won't install?

  • Quote from tekkb: “On my system I have: Source Code (4 lines) It is only thing I see different with the pinnings.” I changed it to try and fix the 990 issue

  • Quote from tekkb: “It is close now. But that pinning for the libmono-cil-dev is still 990. Source Code (1 line)” And it's not supposed to be. Look at the pins. It's set to 996 and 1001 but is being forced to 990

  • Got it fixed so it stopped giving the error and Emby was available to install. Same error as before. Source Code (10 lines) Here are all my source pins: Source Code (48 lines) All my sources: Source Code (82 lines)

  • Quote from tekkb: “OK, we start to see your problems @hakarune Why do you have Suse repos???? Remove those and then "apt-get update". You should remove Emby and reinstall with the plugin. Then your pinning is messed up for some reason. This repo needs to be same as other 2 that are 995. Source Code (1 line) You see in my policy command the 3 repos are all 500. Since your pinning for this repo is 990 and the others are 995 it is only giving you option to install the older version of libmono-cil-d…

  • Quote from tekkb: “You should only have the first mono repo enabled, not the mono testing or whatever. Give results of this once that is done: apt-cache policy libmono-cil-dev What cpu do you have?” Here's all the outputs. :: cat /proc/cpuinfo :: Source Code (1 line) :: apt-cache policy libmono-cil-dev. :: Source Code (13 lines) :: cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/omv-extras-org-stoneburner.list :: Source Code (20 lines)

  • libmono-cil-dev (>= 3.10) but is the error I continually get for these 2 plugins. libmono wants v.3+ but Wheezy can't install it because it's for Jessie. At least that is what I'm reading on forums, installation blogs, and stacks.

  • Quote from tekkb: “Show errors. What mono repos enabled? Both or just the mono repo?” Tried all the mono repos (in all combinations) and same errors as posted on the Sonarr thread; the same thing that you and already discussed on there.…?postID=103169#post103169 Source Code (24 lines) Yet nothing is held or broken...

  • Quote from subzero79: “also in my experience when you get permission error in transmission, you need to delete and add the torrent again. No matter what restarting the daemon does not help.” Ditto. I had the permission issue when I first installed OMV (0.4 I think). It was a write error issue and had to readd my torrent after getting help from Rye and Tekkb

  • Quote from joq3: “Quote from hakarune: “It will search all files and folders in the directory and unrar them” I tried the script, it does run well from Terminal. Thank you! Is there any way to check if Transmission really does execute it after finishing? Another thing, is it possible for this sh-script to set permissions on the extracted files? I get 644 after it extracts!” Setting permissions would be a longer script (which I can provide if you want) and with my setup, changing permissions/owne…

  • Quote from joq3: “It does not run after Transmission completion. I can't make it run as cron either. But if I run it like "sh" it unrar's and works perfectly. But why can't I make it run from Transmission or Cron? I have permission 777 on the file, and it is executable.” The command section needs to execute the script so "sh /path/to/" and whichever user:group is executing the function needs to have write access to the folders & files. Here's my cron setup: a74d58bbdb8ec7a0e92c…

  • It will search all files and folders in the directory and unrar them

  • Can't install this.. I get the same errors trying to install it as when I try to install Sonarr