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  • Hello, I just want to share my experience here in installing openmediavault on my Zyxtel NSA310. At first I have to install Debian on this NAS. I do this by the kirkwood u-boot and kernel, you can find all the information here: Then i just set systemd as boot agent. Set my new hostname. A note on hostname, I have to set this both in hostname and hosts file, otherwise errors happens on installations. I installed OpenMediaVault using the official instruction here for Stretch ope…

  • Hello, I can't make hdparm works too, so i shift to hd-idle. Using the instruction i found in this post I've compiled the package. If anyone is interested, this is hd-idle 1.05 compiled for Debian Strech armel architecture:…e_1.05_armel.deb/download Hope this helps!