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  • What are people who use OMV called?

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  • Quote from bbddpp: “Is this as simple as unmounting the file system and running a shell command on the empty volume and remounting? ” Regarding making a new file system, yes

  • USB backup

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    Quote from Buff: “1- using a USB drive as back up how should the format be for the drive I am assuming Ext4 ? ” Yes. It just works. Quote from Buff: “2- Is it possible to back up to a partition on the attached USB drive or is it that the back up will consume the complete drive ? ” I think it has to be the complete drive, but you can simply try If it is not working, wipe the USB drive and create a single file system

  • Quote from kattivius: “/sharedfolders/backupPC ” Don't use the /sharedfolders/ path in Docker. Always use /srv/dev-disk-by-label.xxxx/yyyy EDIT: ok, you mentioned, that you tried the absolute path as well

  • Just an idea, not a recommendation: Urbackup is easy to install on Debian. It is the only application I installed on Debian. I never tried to install it in Docker. All others are in Docker.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Not much can be done to avoid this other than wait for all changes before clicking Apply. ” Do you mean, making several changes via the GUI before clicking Apply?

  • Have you enabled monitoring in the GUI of OMV?

  • If you want to use btrfs you need to read a bit. e.g.…h_free_space_do_I_have.3F and most important: also useful: script for srub and balancing…d-Btrfs-Filesystem-Repair or btrfs-maintenance

  • change system drive from SSD to USB?

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    If you want to try the USB drive version, just clone your OS filesystem to a USB thumb drive using clonezilla. Make sure to use the -icds switch in advanced options so that Clonezilla is not complaining that the target drive is smaller than the source. Then try to get your NAS to boot from USB and find out wheter you are happy with it or not. If not, just switch back to your SSD.

  • Quote from RUsum1: “What does "drive must be mounted exec." mean? ” Installation and Setup Videos - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

  • change system drive from SSD to USB?

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    I think there is nothing wrong with running OMV from a SSD. I have created another partition on my SSD so that I can use the space also for data.

  • I cant install OMV Extras

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    And you did not get any error message? Strange

  • You can add additional arguments/options to each rsync job in the "extra options" field. Just below is also a link to the man page of rsync.

  • your drives are mounted under /srv/ so the path to a media folder is something like /srv/dev-disk-by-label-xxxx/media

  • When you create a user in the GUI of OMV he is by default added to the group called "users". When you create a shared folder in the GUI of OMV the owner of that folder is "root", group is "users" with read/write rights for this group. So every user can read/write data in every shared folder. But only on file system level. That means when you access for example via ssh. If you want to access the data via a service, e.g. samba, you need to fine the access rights separately via privileges in the GU…

  • Not Portainer, but Wireguard is popular. Or if you have a FritzBox ...

  • Either in Windows or search the internet, e.g.…fs-disk-partition-400923/

  • Cannot access GUI, ip issue?

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    To clone the OS drive with Clonezilla (or other software) is the easiest. The openmediavault-backup plugin is also working very well, but restore is a bit more complicated. There are threads about the restore process. usbbackup is something different. It is used to backup your data to a drive that is connected via USB.

  • Quote from vlad1966: “How does mergerfs compare in speed to RAID 0 ? I might reconsider going with unionsfs if it can match RAID 0's speed. ” I hope others are commenting on that. There are some posts regarding that on the forum.

  • Defekte Platte im RAID5 tauschen

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    Quote from Gst: “I´ll leave it like it is for the week (hope that it stays working - Musik and Movies :-)). Next Weekend will I try to build up an new and smart one ” Consider to use a new drive for the OS. If something doesn't work out, you can use the old one until you have time to fix it.