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  • Wierd issue i have with plexconnect

    l4wlz - - General


    Hi i can start up plex connect as screen or as a deamon without any issues.. i would like to add is as a service. I run this command as root ln -s /path/to/my/plexconnect/PlexConnect_daemon.bash /etc/init.d/plexconnectand then update-rc.d plexconnect defaultsAfter that i can perfectly run service plexconnect start and stop etc.. without any issues.. when i restart my server it will not start up plexconnect but then i will check if i could run the same command for starting plexconnect. service pl…

  • And after updated with the newest kernel, Repo works again.. so no need for doing the proxmox way

  • lool, i think i need glasses.. haha Thanks for answer i will test it..

  • So the bottom line is this: - Install OpenMediaVault - install Proxmox Kernel. - Then use Proxmox Kernel. - Install VirtualBox ? Or is there anything else needed ? Do we need to remove the other kernels ?