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  • Thank you for your answers! I have to get to the hospital now, so I have some time thinking about which why I want to proceed... Unfortunately none of them sounds easy to me :cool:

  • Thanks for the answer again! It looks like this is going to be messy... Unfortunately I only have one set of hard drives and yes, it's a raid1. I do also copy via Rsync now and then to my desktop to make sure there is another backup. Would buy a 5tb external and copy the folders via USB help? Or do I read it correctly, that I have to brake the raid and restore it? And what exactly means "copy the files via network" - wouldn't this have the same permission issue? Also: I have different owners for…

  • Thank you for your answer! To be honest I'm not sure which one I'm using... I created the raid, created dedicated folders and set permission with acl and then activated samba. Then I used samba share with different users for me, my wife and media account and I could only read and write in the dedicated folders. Is it possible, that if I do the same thing on omv 3, I just have to create the same users, Mount raid again (how exactly?) and then do the acl (with subfolder?) to get the same structure…

  • Thank you, that sounds like what I feared it will be :cool: When I do a clean install, is there anything I have to do to keep the user-file correlation, or is this gone for good? Can I save any configuration or something?

  • Hello together, I have used omv since some 1.x version and upgraded the installation to 2.x. about a year ago. I use my NAS for a software raid1 with a samba share and nextcloud, so it looks like all my plug-ins (samba, nginx, mysql, remote share, fail2ban, wol) are available on omv 3.x. I have two problems: 1) I can't update nextcloud to version 11, since the php version on omv 2.x is too old... 2) I sometimes (twice) get problem with my hardware which stops the NAS from booting, however I coul…

  • I did have issues again today, this time I got the output: Error: hd0 out of disk (grub rescue) Rebooting didn't help but opening and checking the cables did fix it again. And I checked: my system drive only is 4 percent full... Can anybody please assist me with finding the bug?

  • Hello, I would need help debugging and I am pretty desperate/scared For some reason my nginx crashed last night and I couldnt reach my OMV anymore (ping or SSH...). Even rebooting didnt help... I connected my monitor and unfortunately couldnt make many pictures (it was too fast...), however i could choose debian (or recovery mode) boot - but for some reason i got the attached picture when choosing normal boot. Looks to me like my boot media (the SSD) couldnt be found (right?) - so I opened my HP…

  • I tried it and verified the bugfix! with dav instead of carddav and calddav it works perfectly! To fix it, just edit your nginx config and comment old lines (or delete) and include new lines: Source Code (4 lines) @enra: --> can you please edit it in the first post to help others? edit: thank you enra for the update!

  • I have an issue since i Updated to owncloud 10.0.2. When I try to write to a shared calendar on the shared account, i get an 404 error with davdroid and based on my google search: I think the well-known addresses are now incorrect with nextcloud 11 and nextcloud 10.0.2 (should redirect to dav instead of carddav/ or caldav/ right?) Source Code (15 lines) Can anyo…

  • Thank you very much! Installing Remoteshares plugin did fix the problem! Is it maybe possible to include the ifup netdev script in the omv package? Might make it easier for some people

  • I did not leave it installed but I will try tomorrow. Thank you! Do I have to do something or just install it? About data and system: why should I mount it on data when I want to backup stuff from my system drive while data drive is usually asleep (during the night). It would just wake up the date drives, right?

  • Hi there, my omv 2 is running great since over a year but i have one problem: my network share (from my router) is gone after every reboot.. mount /media/routershare brings it back (so the fstabs seems to be ok), however on reboot it doesnt work. I guess it has something to do with network availability, however _netdev doesnt work and boot.log is not showing anything problematic. This is my fstab entry: //source/ /media/routershare cifs username=xx,password=yy,_netdev 0 0 did I do something wron…

  • Upgrade OMV2 to PHP 5.6

    Linkinsoldier - - General


    Thank you! Is there a way to check before if the upgrade will work?

  • NC11 needs 5.6...

  • Upgrade OMV2 to PHP 5.6

    Linkinsoldier - - General


    I have the same issues! Is there a timetable for omv3 release? I fear reinstall of omv3 because of the work I put in my omv2 installation and would therefor prefer an upgrade...

  • I think you misunderstood: I had (not have) the owncloud Plugin and then manually installed nextcloud. I thought this might be important for the php5 installation background. My question was about how to do the php upgrade (from 5.4. To at least 5.6. (or higher (7?)) on omv 2!

  • After many many testings I did a restart and the restart fixed it... Didn't know this windows approach also works on Linux

  • Did anyone successfully install nextcloud 11 on omv2? I had the owncloud Plugin and manually installed nextcloud10 with his guide, however for nextcloud 11 we would a never php version... Did anyone do a php upgrade or could help me with it?

  • Is it possible this is a right problem? I had a look: the drivedb.h is root:root... Is it possible it is not accessible by anacron?

  • mhm - I also fear I celebrated too early. With the above changes (also including the https change!) I still get the error when the weekly job is executed automatically. But now it gets interesting: The openmediavault weekly script has also the correction: Source Code (29 lines) I am no sed-Expert - but is it possible there is an issue because the script is trying to change the path again? May anyone help me please?