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  • Thx - i thought so - now I deleted the bond config in OMV and rebooted - the bond interface is properly gone in the network interface page but the config still shows it is active as in ip addr What happens if I recreate the bond in the network config ? will it recreate the same config only or tries to update the network and fails again? - Any ideas ?

  • Hi, during the setup of OMV5 i experimented with setting up multiple parallel interfaces and aggregation of e.g. 2 interfaces as a bond (aggregate). During changes e.g. from dynamic to static i often got error messages and the interfaces went down and had to bring them back up e.g. via "ip link set dev enp3s0 up". Just now the bond0 went down and I deleted the interface in the WebInterface - after reboot the bond of the two interfaces is still working and active - which I see at the landing page…