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  • Quote from jdempsey: “I read somewhere that it may be safer to use DHCP and set up the router to assign the same address, but I wanted to get some input here first in case there may be other issues at play. ” If you were missing the interface in the Web GUI, I'm guessing that you're using an SBC. If so, I'd do a DHCP lease reservation on the router. That's essentially the same thing as a static address set in OMV's GUI with the main difference being, most routers provide local name resolution (D…

  • Quote from blinky: “the NAS doesn't have access to the internet so it couldn't download a few gigabytes of data from a Debian server, so it said you can continue but your installation will be lacking ” The "lacking" part of it refers to the Debian install. OMV is layered on top of Debian where the missing Debian packages may be essential to the operation of OMV. The best thing to do is install with a wired connection (carry the PC somewhere to make it happen). Load up Debain and OMV, and do all …

  • Help for SMB

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    Votre version de Windows fonctionne avec OMV. La première chose à faire est: - Définissez vos autorisations de dossier partagé sur: Autres lecture / écriture - Définissez le partage SMB / CIF sur: Invités autorisés - Dans SMB / CIF, les paramètres: Local Browse Master est désactivé (gris) Ensuite, testez. Si cela ne fonctionnait pas, le How-to devrait fonctionner. Le mode d'emploi illustre les paramètres réseau nécessaires dans Windows. (Désolé, les illustrations sont en anglais uniquement.) Si …

  • I think you've been Norwhaled. (Just kidding.) Try clearing your browser cache. Since you didn't mention which one, this -> link covers most of the popular browsers.

  • Help for SMB

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    Si ce qui précède ne fonctionne pas pour vous, consultez le lien suivant: Connectez-vous avec Win10 Après avoir téléchargé le PDF, vous pouvez le faire traduire sur le site suivant:

  • Acer AC100

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    You might find something useful -> here. OMV is based on Debian - that's what you'll want to look for. Have you looked at downloads for the Acer ac100? They might have something usable.

  • File size for the system partition?

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    There's a difference between storage media and ram. I'm not sure what the reference to "partitions" is. Is this an installation error? What are you installing OMV on? (An SBC, or a PC?)

  • Quote from ferbulous: “I thought it’s quite odd how i can do it on raspbian but not by defaul with omv ” Raspbian, out of the box, is not optimized as a server OS. It's customized for R-PI hardware, but it's more of a hobbyist distro. While OMV uses the Raspbian (minimal) image as a base, packages are added and tweaked, and other changes are made that are more appropriate for a server. Quote from ferbulous: “I intend to clone the sdcard partition into an ssd, and just load ovm from there. Which …

  • Quote from ferbulous: “Hi, can I know which tools to resize sdcard? ” Gparted will to it. Boot up on a bootable Gparted CD or thumbdrive, on a PC, and edit the SD-card there. However, it would be best to leave the SD-card alone and add a data hard drive. This was the intent behind OMV - to segregate the OS boot drive from data drive(s). This is why the GUI won't let you put shares on the boot drive.

  • Quote from ck42omv: “I made the change in the group policy to allow it now...but it takes a reboot and can't do that quite yet. Will find time to reboot and report back later on this system. ” With Windows, changes to network settings, security policy changes or permissions setting changes, may require a reboot to take effect. (Even when Microsoft claims it's not required.)

  • Which FAQ thread? Have you tried this? Connect to OMV with Win10 For the domain connected Win10 box, look at the section, Domain Connected Windows 10 Clients / Servers.

  • PLEX picture quality - remote access

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    Note that Residential internet speed is asymmetrical. You say you have 110mbs but that's the download speed under the most ideal conditions. Upload speed will be a small fraction of that. (Any internet speed test will verify this.) With competing traffic at the remote end, from other local LAN clients, is factored in (normal use) and traffic of ISP's other customers is considered, remote upload speed will drop even further. If you want to do high bandwidth media streaming reliably, it's best to …

  • The lesson here is, if it will work in a VM, it will work on real hardware (95% of the time). This is how I test new methods and approaches. It's a useful vetting tool. On the other hand, if it doesn't work in the VM that doesn't mean it won't work on real hardware. I have an old box I use for testing. Also, I've set up OMV on a USB stick and used a Windows Client for some tests (being careful not to tamper with the Win boot drive). This gets around the networking limitations for Docker tests. W…

  • I really don't know. I've never tried anything like that. And I really don't understand "why" OMV will boot up in Virtual Box, with a disk missing, and not log into the GUI. (Assumes that the GUI will login with the disk in place.) Is the VM fully updated? It takes awhile to do it and it kind of seems pointless in a VM, but in this case the install should be undated to eliminate more variables. ____________________________________________________________ As an idea - it won't hurt anything: You …

  • Quote from wepee: “You are talking about quirks..........would the outcome behave differently(than using a virtual hardware) if it happen using real hardware? ” Unfortunately, yes. I have found that if something works in a VM, it will work when using real hardware. The other way around, however, is not always true. Something that works on hardware, may not work in a VM. VM's are good for testing but the various packages have limitations. Virtual Box is OK for basic testing, but it falls short of…

  • I don't know if I would use an LCD screen, but that would be up to you. If you have all of the needed hardware: Here's the link to the R-PI -> build guide. When the build is done, here's a link to the -> new user guide which should get you started. These documents, and others that may be useful, are in the forums Guide Section.

  • I've experienced some of these issues in VB when dropping hard disks out of the overall line up, in RAID testing. Along with networking problems (running a sub-interface on a sub-interface) there are some interesting quirks when working with virtual hardware. In your case, if you can't get back into the GUI with the disk added back in, you might have to rebuild. The next time around, clone the VM before deleting or removing disk. (It saves a lot of time.) I'd do update-grub in any case to elimin…

  • Note that your issue doesn't fit but,, just to eliminate one possibility (regarding boot order): Put the disk back in. Boot up into OMV and on the command line, run: update-grub Then try it again.

  • Quote from RedpaX: “its too hard for my ” There's a process on page 71 (Cloning Flash Media), in the current OMV5 new user guide.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “I just created pihole container using macvlan on my RPi4 with iptables-nft still enabled and it works fine. ” Try it on your rock64. I'm having a heck of a time. I must be doing something consistently wrong.