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  • SFTP Plugin Problem

    gderf - - SSH


    I don't use the sftp plugin, I set up sftp by hand ages ago long before I started to use OMV so this practice was carried over. In my setups, the /dev folder contains a log socket. It is required to be within the chroot environment or it will not work. I suppose that if you want to run sftp without any logging enabled (not a good idea) then you could disable logging for the service in /etc/rsyslog.d by determining which is the appropriate file there and renaming it so it does not have conf as th…

  • Makemkv + portainer

    gderf - - General


    You need to disclose how you configured the container.

  • That doesn't sound all that unusual to me. That's a fairly large drive on a fairly slow interface. Is it making visible progress?

  • Try looking in the logs. Start with the Authentication Log

  • Update System of/von 2015

    gderf - - Updates/Upgrades


    Quote from reeneex: “Question: how do i get all the preferneces from the old on the new system? ” The only way to do this is to configure it all by hand from scratch in the WebGUI. There is no way to transfer the settings and configuration from the old system to the new system.

  • Fail2ban notification

    gderf - - Plugins


    An easier solution for you would be to move your ssh port away from 22 to something obscure. Mine isn't on port 22 and I get zero such attempts to connect to it.

  • Quote from KM0201: “ I'm assuming I'd have to go through and adjust all my paths in my dockers, but that would be no big deal. ” Probably not. If your paths were based on by-partuuid or by-uuid those would still be valid.

  • Quote from KM0201: “Not required... but very handy for sure. My data drives do not have labels. It was really just an oversight on my part, but I've considered formatting my drives and adding a label. ” You don't need to format a filesystem to add a label. You can do this anytime for ext2, ext3 and ext4 with e2label.

  • Yer welcome. Just in case you haven't figured it out, to get into your OMV filesystem you have to navigate to: /mnt/fs/

  • The compose file you are using will not work. Use the debugged one below instead: Source Code (9 lines)

  • Don't provide a compose file and then say you changed something in it. Provide the actual file you used to create the container.

  • Install the telnet package: sudo apt-get install telnet No idea why you can't connect - not enough to go on. Install telnet and try connecting that way to see if the port is in use or not. Maybe the container isn't running? But for future reference it's impossible to debug a docker compose file if you do not provide it.

  • Easiest way for me is to telnet to the OMV IP address and port and see how it answers: fred@omv:~$ telnet 8000 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. The above shows a successful connection, so TCP port 8000 is in use. fred@omv:~$ telnet 8002 Trying telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused The above shows that the connection was refused, so TCP port 8002 is not in use. Or you could run: netstat -t …

  • Portainer uses ports 8000 and 9000 and the error you posted shows that you are trying to use port 8000 again. This will not work so change your docker compose file to use another port. But you should check first to see that whatever port you wish to use is not already in use.

  • If you can get by with only console access, install the teamviewerhost plugin and connect with a the teamviewer application. This does not require any port forwards.

  • Your swap partition is between the other two. You have to either move it to the end of the drive or delete it before you can shrink sdb3 and grow sdb1.

  • AMD vs Intel for 50TB NAS build

    gderf - - My NAS Build


    The missing screw situation is a typical google harvest. I would have doubts about that being the root cause. Check that the CPU heatsink fan is plugged into the correct fan port on the motherboard. It must have at least three wires. If there is a monitor attached does it say anything?

  • You need to visit the card maker's web site and see if they have Debian 10 drivers for your card.

  • You should post a screenshot of the partition layout that Gparted is showing you.

  • AMD vs Intel for 50TB NAS build

    gderf - - My NAS Build


    I have no idea what a correct configuration is. Most MB makers have qualified memory and CP lists for each of their boards. You should look there first.