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  • Quote from Morlan: “Actually I just found out that you can directly bash into the docker container via the portainer gui ... nice feature! ” Yes I saw that too, it works really well whereas the same feature does not seem to work with shellinabox on my system, another thing I will try to troubleshoot at some point. Thanks Macom, I will try to find the config.php this way, Many thanks to both

  • Quote from Morlan: “I think you need CLI access to change the config.php. Maybe you could install Shellinabox from remote to have CLI... ” Hi, Thanks Morlan, I am now back to base, I am struggling to find the config.php , am I looking to open the console in the container (ie through the portainer facility) or directly into the native OMV console? Also, I am not sure where to find this config.php , I am a Linux user but mainly GUI ... I have looked in the nextcloud manual, they describe a lot abo…

  • Hi, I have the latest nextcloud version ( Docker 19.03.4 on linux, arm) running as a container (docker) on a raspberry 4. All works fine at home and I am trying to access remotely nextcloud, the Pi is accessible from outside via this is what I get:…9dc43997946eedd6b7e7092f1 I understand that I need to modify the config.php and I don't have access to the CLI. I have access remotely to the general controls of my containers via the OMV GUI as well as through…

  • Hi, I I recently installed a version 4 of OMV on a raspberry Pi and of course one of the things on my list was an easy and secure remote control of the various elements of the software. My setup is OMV 4 with 6 dockers so far, plugged in on the Ethernet pot of my router. After an unconvincing experience with duckdns and opening some ports to access my router, I came across ( )and I must say the experience is baffling AND free for a non-commercial account. Without opening any …

  • Upgrading from Pi2 to Pi4

    sjaglin - - Updates/Upgrades


    Hi, Have you moved your system from Pi2 to Pi 4 yet? Any tips you would like to share, I am about to do the same for a similar setup (pi 3B+ to pi 4) Many thanks, Stef

  • Upgrade Planing

    sjaglin - - Updates/Upgrades


    Hi, New to OMV also and I would second ichfunktion's question 1 on the best process to use when OMV 5.0 becomes stable ie upgrade or re-install. Many thanks, sjaglin