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  • Hi everyone, I run OMV 4.x off of my Raspberry Pi. I have an attached desktop hard drive and it works wonderfully. I'm able to create directories and upload files. However, I have a 64 GB Sandisc Cruzdial attached that I would also like to use as networked storage. I can see the files on there, the usual default stuff that Sandisc leaves on their flash drives. However, I can not create a new folder. I've tried changing the File System and that does not work either. I think it's a read only disc …

  • 530 login incorrect

    chrisfoose - - FTP


    I can't log in via FTP anymore. I have tried entering in the credentials over and over. I changed the password. I also created a new user just to access FTP and I can't log in with that either. I kind of don't get it. This is a new issue too because I was using FTP the other day. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi everyone, Spectrum came by and replaced the router and modem meaning that the network is fresh. I re-burned the OMV software onto a MicroSD card. I have OMV 3.x running. My Android tablets detect the Windows shares without any major problems. However, neither of my two Windows machines can detect the Windows shares on OMV. This is getting quite frustrating because prior to the network hardware changes it was working on one of my Windows machines at least. I can still access things through FTP…

  • Hello everyone. I am using OMV 4 for Raspberry Pi. I noticed that OMV Extras came pre-installed. I would like to install the Plex Plugin and ShellinaBox but for some reason they do not show up in the Plugin menu anymore. Furthermore, when they did show up they would always not install because of errors. How can I get the OMV Extras plugins visible again? The repository is enabled. Is there any issue with installing plugins on a Pi as opposed to a desktop PC setup?

  • Internet Cloud Access

    chrisfoose - - Plugins


    I am learning that OwnCloud is kind of depreciated. I want to be able to access my storage from the Internet. What is a good solution for doing this?

  • Is there a decent alternative?

  • This is the error I get now.

  • Here is an error message I get:

  • Hi everyone! I am trying to install these three plugins. I download them from the web, and then upload them via the plugins section in the control panel. I always get messages saying that existing dependencies are not available. I using OMV version 4.1.3-1 Arrakis. My system is: Intel Core 2 CPU Not sure about the RAM. Any help is appreciated!