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  • Ah, there you are. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • I've attached and mounted an external USB drive in the OMV webinterface to /dev/sdb1. How do I access this drive in Midnight Commander? (Want to manually delete some duplicate or old files on the drive) Already looked in the tree structure unter /media and /dev, but could not find a way to get at the data on the USB drive.

  • Quote from macom: “NO in the sense that you will be able to restore previous versions. ” Is there an easy way to get this done? Maybe by using the build-in rsync?

  • I'm curious if you can use the usbbackup plug-in to make incremental backups to an external usb storage device? Btw, is there some documentation available, that explains the what the different options in the settings menu are used for?

  • Unable to delete shared folders

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    I've setup a couple of shared folders but show can't find a way to delete those again. The delete-button just stays greyed out no matter what I select:…b90f74907ce976062a8c9956f Any idea what's preventing me from deleting those shares? There's only a single test user setup, which I've also deleted.

  • Quote from tkaiser: “OMV does nothing here since this all depends on what the Linux kernel does depending on how you configured your storage. ” And how about when you just browse through the file system (click from one folder to the next without actually accessing/opening any files)? How does Linux handle this? Is the index of the file system stored on the system drive? Or does it always spin up the HDD you're browsing?

  • I'm curious how OMV handles spin-up an spin-down of connected hard-drives. Let's say the OS/OMV is installed on an SSD, but most of the data is stored on traditional spinning hard drives. I'd like to have those drive go into standby/spin-down as often and long as possible. When does OMV wake up those HDD? Only when a user accesses a file on the HDD? Or does it spin up the drive every time a user accesses a folder or the tree structure? How about a case when there are multiple hard drives install…

  • Last time I've had any contact with Plex, hardware transcoding was only available when the server was running directly on the metal and not in a VM or container. If that has changed and Docker is able to run on my low-powered Intel Apollo-Lake mini pc, I'd be glad to give it a try.

  • The fine folks over at Plex are in the process of implementing a new package installer for the Plex Media Server:…eview-beta-testing/423528 Since the available plug-in from OVM Extras is no longer supported to run directly on the hardware (can't use Docker on my system), maybe this would be a good point to use the new installer and implement in the OMV as a new plugin?

  • Quote from macom: “There is a thread in the forum how to set up hd-idle. ” Thanks, going to read up on this and try hd-idle instead. Quote from tkaiser: “ If 'ATA command pass through' is the problem then It's an issue with the bridge's firmware. ” Does anyone know of an external USB 3.0 case that is known to work? Maybe I can just buy a new case instead? But the case should be large enough to hold the 5tb Seagate drive with a z-height of 15 mm...

  • Quote from tkaiser: “ Source Code (2 lines)The above assumes your disk is /dev/sde. ” Thanks gonna give that a try today and report back. However, I still haven't managed to have OMV automatically spin-down the external hard drive after the set amount (see first screenshot). The drive just keeps on spinning, even after a couple of hours and no activity through a user. When I manually spin-down the drive with hdparm, standby is properly initiated and the drive remains in standby the whole time.

  • I was able to blacklist the Seagate hard drive and now am able to read out SMART values as well as manually have the drive spin down by using "hdparm -y". However, I've yet to get the drive to automatically spin-down after the specified 5 minutes spin-down time in the OMV settings. Also, when I use this drive on a Windows 10 machine, the OS seems to power down the entire drive (or USB port?). In OMV, while the drive can spin down mit hdparm, the status led on the external drive never turns off a…

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from TOMillr: “But how come that the spin down works fine with a basic Ubuntu install or the FritzOS, which is also based on Linux/Unix? ” Since you're trying to access an USB3 disk from Seagate it might be related to the kernel version so which kernel are you running on the Ubuntu box and OMV? The output of uname -a will tell. ” I've tried the latest 19.04 Ubuntu release which comes with the 5.0 kernel. Is there anything I can try besides waiting for a new release tha…

  • Quote from JohnStiles: “Does the disk react to the "hdparm -y"? ” I'm getting an error message: Source Code (1 line) But how come that the spin down works fine with a basic Ubuntu install or the FritzOS, which is also based on Linux/Unix?

  • Can I run that command somewhere in the web interface? I'm currently running the system headless.

  • I've connected an external Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5 TB hard-drive via USB 3.0. The drive and USB-to-SATA interface it capable of being put into standby by the OS, as Windows 10, Ubuntu and even the FritzOS on my router can automatically and/or manually spin-down the hard-drive. Unfortunately, when using OMV, this does not happen. I've already set the following values:…b90f74907ce976062a8c9956f Did I miss a setting somewhere that I still need to change?

  • Quote from KM0201: “You should really learn Docker and install Plex via docker. The guy who made the plugin is not supporting it anymore and if he responds, that's what he's going to tell you to do. ” Unfortunately, using Docker isn't an option as Plex doesn't support hardware acceleration in a container setup. The PMS itself is running fine so far - I'm just irritated that the green activation for the Plex service isn't lit up but Plex seems so work.

  • I'm trying to get the Plex Media Server up and running on OMV4. I've installed the OMV Extras repo and downloaded the Plex plugin. While the "Plex Media Server" now shows up as a new menu entry in the main menu, I can't find a way to permanently activate the plugin in OVM.…b90f74907ce976062a8c9956f OMV display the PlexMediaServer as "running" but not as activated:…b90f74907ce976062a8c9956f When I enter the settings, I can't activate a…

  • OMV WEBUI login 403 Forbidden

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    Quote from votdev: “The latest ISO image supports UEFI. ” Quote from stigma: “Thanks for the help. I tried the new iso file and I can boot from the pendrive so it'snt necessary to install Debian. ” Which build version are you referring to? The latest 5.0.1 beta? Or has this also been changed in the stable release as well? EDIT: Just tried to run the 5.0.1 beta on an Apollo Lake-based mini PC which previously wasn't able to boot any Debian based distro because of issues with GRUB and UEFI. The go…

  • Quote from KM0201: “ What happened when you tried to install Debian 9? ” I get the same behavior as when trying to install an OMV image. The system just crashed to a black screen with a blinking cursor. However, The latest Debian testing release (Buster RC 1) is now able to boot on my Apollo-Lake-based device. So it looks like the devs have finally updated GRUB. Any change you can incorporate that change right into the OMV x86_64 build?