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  • got it figured out. DNSMASQ was not installed. Should this not be installed as a default part of cockpit?

  • Hello, I'm brand new to using cockpit to create VM's and am trying to create my first VM with it. Currently I am getting stumped with networking and trying to get the default entry activated gives me the following error message. Source Code (3 lines) How do I go about correcting this? Thanks!

  • missing sharedfolders

    snakeeyes - - General


    Hello, I very new to open media vault and I am having an issue with my shared folders, where they have been created, and used with samba and nfs, however after a reboot of the server i get the following error message. The shares still show in the NFS and samba services section in OMV however. I do not know if it should make a difference or not, but these shares are located on a Unionfs filesystem. I have recreated them in the sharedfolders section on the OMV web interface, but they do not surviv…

  • i think i finally have this figured out. I reinstalled the entire server and ended up putting the /config directory on an SSD instead of a directory on a unionFS filesystem. I'm not entirely sure why that would make a difference, but the issue is now resolved. Thank you for the help!

  • hummm...I have deleted the container through portainer, and deleted the host path directory for the /config directory, recreated the docker with the correct paths this time and am still having the same issue with not being able to start plex. What am i missing? I was thinking that perhaps there was something wrong with the docker installation, but I have been able to create other containers and have hem work without issue after retrying to get plex running.

  • perhaps a rather dumb question, but is there anything specific i should be doing aside from deleting the container through portainer?

  • Hello, I am using OMV 5.1.2-1 (Usul), and created a new docker for plex according to the techno dad life video tutorial. It was working fine until i realized that it could not browse my media directories. I double checked that I had them correct in portainer, and it turns out, i did have them wrong. So I corrected them saved and replaced the original docker, and then started getting a endless loop of Source Code (1 line)I have tried rebooting the server with no change observed, I've tried changi…