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  • I simply went to the Mono website and downloaded the stable version and installed it. Then I reinstalled Sonarr and Radarr. I don't use SABNZB. I use NZBGet. Also, I don't use Docker. Just installed into my applications folder on Mac OS

  • Figured it out. Simply updating Mono and restarting Sonarr worked.

  • Quote from Tuppe: “Thanks again for your help, it was the nudge I needed to give Docker a try. Have followed the excellent guide from flvinny521 and am up and running. ” Hi, Sorry if this is a "noob" question, but I'm having the same trouble as Tuppe, but i'm not running Sonarr on Docker. I simply have Sonarr installed on a Mac OS with the following details: - Sonarr Version: - Mono Version: 4.0.2 I'm running into the same error that Tuppe was: Syntax Error after '<!' characters. newz…