Ugrade HW on server = reinstall ?

    • Ugrade HW on server = reinstall ?

      Wondering if i have to reinstall OMW if i replace motherboard, cpu, memory and graphics..

      From socket 775 to 1156 ..

      Also replacing a standard sata kontrollercard with a Adaptec RAID 5805. (HDD`s in SW RAID)
      Anything in particular i need to think of here? Planning on using the card as sata controller untill i can afford 4 new bigger drives, then may go to HW raid..

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    • You should be able to just move the install. I would install backports 3.16 kernel before moving if you aren't already using it. Run omv-firstaid after moving to fix networking or remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules before moving.
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    • The network IP(s) maybe the same, but I have generally found that the change of the NIC (thus MAC if only using the motherboard NIC) will cause the introduction of a new eth#. If you have a second NIC in a MB slot and are using that same NIC and it is eth1, then it will probably work fine on boot in the new MB. In that event the )new_ motherboard NIC may be seen at eth2. Regardless above advice is accurate.
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    • So it just happend. Everything replaced, up and running.. Exept, all drives are gone. Showing on boot on the raid controller, but not in OMW webpage. Do i need to install drivers for this RAID card? Adaptec RAID 5805

      Or do i need to make every drive to JBOD on the controller..?

      The manual says if i delete a JBOD, ill loose data. Not if i create one...

      On a reboot, i found my drives, in the syslog.

      Still not under Physical disks or RAID management..
      [Blocked Image:]

      Also, (maybe) in /dev directory, as sg0-8 ..

      Guessing the question now is: How to mount them drives so i can use them, without loosing data? Or just go back to onboard SATA connectors, for the easy way..

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