Gullveig - My do it yourself NAS solution

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    • Gullveig - My do it yourself NAS solution

      Hey there,

      I'm now running my OMV NAS for eight months, and I think now ist the time to share it with others :3
      Because i'm really financially restricted, my NAS is mostly build with some spare parts that I have lie around, or trough gifts of friends or neighbors.

      For me, the NAS must meet some conditions:
      • Fast: Filetransfer must be at a min. of 80MB/s over GBit LAN
      • Big: minimum 4TB capacity
      • Safe: This means possible Harddrive dying, because i'm using used HDD
      • Expandable: Because i'm always testing and adding things to my machines
      First, i will point out how I meet my conditions:
      • Fast: Actual filetransfer is always at 119MB/s. I think the network is the bottleneck :P
      • Big: It has a total Capacity of 8,36TB, directly usable are 6,16TB (Don't bugging me about the GiB and GB)
      • Safe: there are one RAID 1 for the OS and one RAID 6 for the data
      • Expandable: what can I say? It is expandable :)

      The time to build the NAS has come when I got some drives from a Enterprise SAN, a total of eight Western Digital WD1003FBYX-12 RE Harddrives. Now I had the capacity, now I must find a case, that fits a total of ten 3.5" drives (added two 160GB Seagate). And I must find a Mainboard with the connections, and all the other Stuff (RAM, CPU, etc.). At work, I had my old gaming computer set up as my workstation, but we are at that moment we switched to a LTSP system with Intel PIII systems. I was looking around to find a good board that fits my needs. But the only one that i've found was my Workstation.

      • AMD Phenom II X4 940 overclocked @ 3.6GHz since 2010
      • 4x2GB 800MHz DDR2
      • 8 SATA2 Ports on Mainboard
      • 2 Port Sata2 controller on PCIe
      • Passiv cooled GPU, nvidia something
      • My old 550W PSU

      Now I had my activ Hardware, but I also need the passiv thingy (also known as Case). But I found a big, old, used case that fits for the ten drives. All things strapped together, and et voilà:

      [Blocked Image:]

      With the nine fans, it is really loud, but it sits in a spare room. And thank god I don't have to pay the electricity bill ;)

      I had manually installed and configured debian wheezy, and after that I had installed OMV on top of that. I'm using it also as proxy with ssh tunneling, and as a X2GO Server. From outside, it is only reachable through SSH.

      Thats the story of gullveig

      - tschaerni