Pinned Hide Shared Folders that a User can't access (workaround for access based share enum)

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    • Hide Shared Folders that a User can't access (workaround for access based share enum)

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    • Great guide by TechSmurf. This is exactly what I was looking for to not display shares a user cannot access.

      I think I'm about 99% there, but I ran into a snag. The %U variable (as in "include = /etc/samba/.browseable/ShareName.%U.conf") isn't being substituted in properly.

      The variable %U is supposed to substitute in the user's home directory name, but I think the substitution isn't occurring properly. If I manually substitute in the user's name it works correctly and I can see the shares list properly.

      Prior to trying this I had home directories disable. As this relies on home directories I enabled the setting in SMB and then I created a 'homes' shared folder and turned on 'User home directory' and I used 'homes' as the location. I think the home directories are now setup properly, but the %U variable still isn't working.

      I tried turning on log level 10 in the smb.conf file, but it didn't show any errors that I could identify. Does anyone know what setting I'm missing for %U to work correctly?
    • Correction for my statement above:
      %u = Current Unix username
      %U = Requested client username (not always used by Samba)

      Also solved it. It was that my user names started with a capital letter. When I changed them to all lower-case letters it worked perfectly. Although it was tricky viewing this from Windows. To flush settings and view it with different users I had to do the following:
      1) Close any open explorer windows showing the network location.
      2) net use \\OPENMEDIAVAULT /delete
      3) net use \\OPENMEDIAVAULT * /user:reed

      I could then cycle through the accounts and confirm each saw only the shares for which they had permissions.

      I noticed and fixed a small oversight in the original shell script. It would fail because .browseable doesn't initially exist. I made a small modification adding in a check/creation of the directory:

      Source Code

      1. browse_dir=/etc/samba/.browseable
      2. if [ ! -d "$browse_dir" ]; then
      3. mkdir $browse_dir
      4. fi