Move settings from Windows to OMV for SABnzbd, SickRage and CouchPotato

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    • Move settings from Windows to OMV for SABnzbd, SickRage and CouchPotato

      Hi, I have recently built me a NAS and installed OMV on it.
      Now I am trying to learn how to best set up everything and I am slowly learning.

      I have installed Sabnzbd, CouchPotato and Sickrage on it (I had to start with Sickbeard and change it to SickRage for some reason).

      Now to my current problem. I would like to reuse my settings and history from the Windows installation of these three tools.
      I started with a backup of Sickrage and moved it to a share where I could point the Restore task to.
      But no backups were found, probably because the windows backup created a zip-file while a .gz was expected.
      I tried to do a quick and dirty fix by creating a backup and replace the content with the things from the zip-file. That failed. Probably becuase of wrong privilages...

      Can this be done or should I just recreate everything again? Would be nice to keep all Sabnzbd history though.
      The different problems have been:
      SickRage: Backup not found, tried with a zip-file and unpacked backup, no go.
      SABnzbd: "Communication Failure" or "Bad Gateway"
      CouchPotato: Here I cannot add the path to my backup.
    • Depends on the app. NZBGet, for example, has a built in backup and restore tool that is dead simple. Sonarr has a backup tool but not a one click restore tool. No idea on CP, Sab, or Sickrage as I don't use them.

      My gut tells me that you should not spend too much time worrying about it and just re-set them up manually. :)
    • Thanks. I may end up with that.

      I actually solved CouchPotato, I could copy the settings with winSCP to the correct path, set the privileges and then enable the tool and it works.
      And SickRage had a built in tool for backup and restore . I did actually use that when I took the backup (duh). Thanks for reminding me.
      Thanks for reminding me of that.
      So now I only have to figure out hot to import everything into SABnzbd too. - It is very useful to be able to search for old things there...
      Or I can set it up as a new one and search for old stuff in the other instance. We'll see how it ends.