NUT: Howto configure the UPS to stay on after OMV shutdown

    • OMV 2.x

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    • NUT: Howto configure the UPS to stay on after OMV shutdown

      If you have devices that you would prefer to remain powered after OMV shuts down on a loss of mains, finding the necessary configuration requires a little digging and use of the sdorder directive, which isn't covered in most of the basic tutorials on NUT.

      Here is my Driver configuration directives using my APC SmartUPS:

      Source Code

      1. driver = apcsmart
      2. port = /dev/ttyS0
      3. cable = 940-0024C
      4. sdtype = 2
      5. sdorder = -1

      The drawback to this configuration is that if the power returns before the UPS shuts down on low battery, then the OMV server will not be turned back on since it will not detect any change to the AC state (assuming that the OMV server is configured as such).
      OMV 4.1.14-1 (Arrakis); Shuttle XPC SH67H3; Intel Core i5-2390T; 8 GB DDR3-1333 RAM; 128GB SanDisk Z400s SSD (OS); Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (primary storage).
    • Thank you for solving my problem. I thought it could be solved with sdorder, but was not sure. Now the UPS stays on :)
      Motherboard: ASRock H270M-ITX/ac
      Processor: Intel Pentium G4500
      Memory: 1x Kingston ValueRam 8GB(1x8GB) DDR4 2133MHz CL1
      System Drive: SANDISK 128 GB SSD X400 M.2
      Data Drives: 4x Seagate NAS 3TB
      Case: Fractal Design Node 304
      Power: Be quiet! PURE POWER 10 400W CM
      UPS: Eaton Ellipse ECO 1600

      OMV version: 3.0.99