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      Hello guys,

      I "paused" my OMV server since the motherboard went on failure half-november. Got a fresh one back from RMA yesterday, put it back in and everything is working fine except SickRage.
      I can access it without problem but if I try to click on a show it displays a big error message (seem's like a python problem).

      I've tried to uninstall python (apt-get remove --purge python), uninstall openmediavault-sickbeard but nothing to do.
      Here's the error message I got if I try to add a show (new or existing).

      Source Code

      1. Error !NameError: 'show' is not defined <% qualities = Quality.splitQuality(sickbeard.QUALITY_DEFAULT) %> <% anyQualities = qualities[0] %> <% bestQualities = qualities[1] %> <%include file="/inc_qualityChooser.mako"/> <br> <div class="field-pair alt"> <label for="saveDefaultsButton" class="nocheck clearfix"> <span class="component-title"><input class="btn btn-inline" type="button" id="saveDefaultsButton" value="Save Defaults" disabled="disabled" /></span>
      2. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/inc_qualityChooser.mako, line 0:
      3. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 752:
      4. callable_(ctx, **_kwargs_for_include(callable_, context._data, **kwargs))
      5. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/inc_addShowOptions.mako, line 88:
      6. <%include file="/inc_qualityChooser.mako"/>
      7. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 752:
      8. callable_(ctx, **_kwargs_for_include(callable_, context._data, **kwargs))
      9. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/home_newShow.mako, line 88:
      10. <%include file="/inc_addShowOptions.mako"/>
      11. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/layouts/main.mako, line 270:
      12. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 890:
      13. callable_(context, *args, **kwargs)
      14. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 864:
      15. _exec_template(inherit, lclcontext, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
      16. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 829:
      17. **_kwargs_for_callable(callable_, data))
      18. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 454:
      19. as_unicode=True)
      20. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 191:
      21. return self.mako_lookup.get_template(template_name).render_unicode(**template_kwargs)
      22. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 194:
      23. return self.render_string(template_name, **kwargs)
      24. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 2451:
      25. topmenu='home'
      26. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 219:
      27. return function(**kwargs)
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      Any ideas?

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    • Same

      Source Code

      1. Error !
      2. NameError: 'show' is not defined
      3. <% qualities =
      4. Quality.splitQuality(sickbeard.QUALITY_DEFAULT) %>
      5. <% anyQualities = qualities[0] %>
      6. <% bestQualities = qualities[1] %>
      7. <%include file="/inc_qualityChooser.mako"/>
      8. <br>
      9. <div class="field-pair alt">
      10. <label for="saveDefaultsButton" class="nocheck
      11. clearfix">
      12. <span class="component-title"><input
      13. class="btn btn-inline" type="button" id="saveDefaultsButton" value="Save
      14. Defaults" disabled="disabled" /></span>
      15. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/inc_qualityChooser.mako, line 0:
      16. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 752:
      17. callable_(ctx, **_kwargs_for_include(callable_, context._data, **kwargs))
      18. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/inc_addShowOptions.mako, line 88:
      19. <%include file="/inc_qualityChooser.mako"/>
      20. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 752:
      21. callable_(ctx, **_kwargs_for_include(callable_, context._data, **kwargs))
      22. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/home_addExistingShow.mako, line 36:
      23. <%include file="/inc_addShowOptions.mako"/>
      24. /opt/sickbeard/gui/slick/views/layouts/main.mako, line 270:
      25. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 890:
      26. callable_(context, *args, **kwargs)
      27. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 864:
      28. _exec_template(inherit, lclcontext, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
      29. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 829:
      30. **_kwargs_for_callable(callable_, data))
      31. /opt/sickbeard/lib/mako/, line 454:
      32. as_unicode=True)
      33. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 191:
      34. return self.mako_lookup.get_template(template_name).render_unicode(**template_kwargs)
      35. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 194:
      36. return self.render_string(template_name, **kwargs)
      37. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 2605:
      38. topmenu="home")
      39. /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/, line 219:
      40. return function(**kwargs)
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    • Okay guys, thanks a lot paranoidjack pointing out that we were using the wrong repository.

      So if I understand correctly since I am not an expert in these configurations etc ... In the last update of openmediavault-sickbeard they changed the SickRage repository from """ to "" and we all did the branch update?

      However the "real" SickRage repository is not in the list of available repos anymore. To fix our problem, we'll need to change the repository by the "official" SickRage repo :

      1) Add a fork as below :
      [Blocked Image:]

      2) Change the repository as it was before and restart the SickBeard service :
      [Blocked Image:]

      I did it and SickRage is now working fine.

      PS: keep in mind that what I can be mistaken about the source of the problem so if someone could explain me exactly what happened that'd be awesome guys!
    • There's much more to this than just changing the repository. The whole drama surrounding SickRage right now is explained here:

      Yes, changing the repo will fix the issue but you should be aware that you're choosing sides in this "fork". If you stay on SickRageTV branch you're supporting the "original" developer echelon, if you migrate to SickRage branch you're supporting the rest of the team that was kicked out by him. It's open source anyway, so hey, vote with your feet, but you should make an informed decision.

      On the other hand, if it's true that OMV extras team decided to support echelon without telling us anything, this is something we should be worried about.
    • voodooman wrote:

      if it's true that OMV extras team decided to support echelon without telling us anything, this is something we should be worried about.

      This is the first I have heard of this. Neither myself or any OMV dev made an active action to support any particular repo. When the plugin was first made the SickRage repo was somewhere else but moved when the SickRageTV was created, the other repo was not active so the plugin was updated to use SickRageTV.

      When dev's have differences of opinion and feel the need to leave a project it can result in flame wars (not nice.) Only those involved know the real story.
      I personally will leave it up to the users of the plugin to decide what repo they wish to use, either the built in repo or by adding a fork (will add the new repo as an option soon tho)
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    • Well if that's the case I apologize. Adding both repos as a choice would be the right thing to do, but make sure to let users know which is which. Personally, I chose to go with the new fork because it's far more active and the master branch doesn't suffer from showstopper bugs like the SickRageTV repo. Basically, all the devs of the SickRageTV repo left to work on the new fork, and now only echel0n is left on the "original". I don't think that bodes well for it at all, but at the very least it means that branch will be a lot less active for a while.
    • This repository change finally allowed me to open it for the first time. Otherwise it wasn't returning anything to the client browser on a fresh install. I'd vote for the default installation doing something rational as it seems to be broken right off a new install the way it is now.

      Also, I'll add the note that it won't allow you to select your newly entered fork information until you do a refresh on the browser.