Encryption (RAID6 6x4TB iSCSI)

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    • Encryption (RAID6 6x4TB iSCSI)


      I'm running Windows on my desktop, and just started using OMV (v2.1.20 on Intel i5-750 8GB RAM). Don't have a lot of experience with Linux in general, but in my day-to-day job I manage Windows Servers & general networking stuff.

      I already have an OpenFiler iSCSI NAS (Intel C2D 8GB RAM) in my home office with 8TB in RAID5 (almost full) that I want to backup to my new OMV server. I have 14.5TB usable on my new OMV so in the future this will become my main server.
      Mdadm is building as I write this: 6x 4TB RAID6 using onboard intel AHCI. In the future I might add a HBA to address more drives. (I don't use a filesystem on my /dev/md0, I formatted the iSCSI device with NTFS)

      So right now I just connect to my OpenFiler NAS via iSCSI and use it like any local disk.
      I want the data on my OMV server to be fully encrypted. I already use TrueCrypt file containers on my NAS to store some personal stuff, and TrueCrypt whole disk encryption for my Windows laptop.

      In a way I'm "concerned" about creating one 14.5TB TrueCrypt file container. If something corrupts it I lose everything... Data recovery will be near impossible...
      I can create 4 or 5 smaller TrueCrypt containers but I know one will fill up and I'll have to store data that belongs together in different containers etc which will be annoying.
      Another possibility is 4 or 5 dynamic containers with a max size of 14TB each so they grow when needed. I just have to see I don't run out of space as I read that can corrupt a container. Dynamic containers are slower but that's not important for me.

      I read something about LUKS but have no experience with it.

      Anyone with suggestions?

      thank you!


      PS: once OMV is up and running I'll probably format my OpenFiler server and run OMV on it too, and I want encryption on both.