Remove Unneeded Icon from "Services Menu"

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    • Remove Unneeded Icon from "Services Menu"

      Hi all,

      Been using OMV for quite some time, and often found the help I have needed on this very forum, but I have a problem that I cannot resolve and can't find an answer too.

      Long while ago I installed SickRage from a script that I found on here (can't find the post any longer). During the install, there was a power outage, so I had to re-run the script, and it didn't put an icon in the services list of the GUI. Long story short I re-installed SickRage from one of the repositories and it added an icon of its own (sickbeard), but also after some cleanup, it added another coloured icon for sickbeard that does nothing.

      Now I've removed SickRage, plan to install later, but I would really like to remove every trace of it, including the coloured icon I have in my services list. I've added a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about.

      Help with this one would be great.
      • services.png

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