Multiple Servers Single UPS

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Multiple Servers Single UPS

      I currently have two OMV servers but may have a couple more in the future. I have a CP1000PFCLCD ups. From what I have read, each UPS connects to the server via USB and when the server sees that its on battery it will issue a shutdown command. Is there any want to use a single UPS for multiple servers? USB hub or something?

      My one thought is a script to run on server B to ping server A and if it does not get a response then to shutdown.
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    • Most UPS today usually have software that can handle alerting multiple systems on the same UPS to shutdown if the main system monitoring the UPS. Take a look here for your UPS brand: They do have software that might fit your needs already. If not, you could go the route like you suggested. Create a script and run as a cron job to ping the host connected to the USB of the UPS. Hope that helps.
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    • i am trying to do exactly the same thing myself with the same model of UPS (must be popular). I installed the CyberPower UPS linux utility (pwrstat) which does allow you to configure a set of commands to execute when the system is shutting down due to power failure. However the utility is unable to communicate with the UPS.

      The NUT client on the other hand works perfect. So assuming I stick with NUT, how do I configure the system to call a command that only executes when the system is shutting down due to power failure (i.e on battery). Do I put a little script in rc0.d that tests certain parameters from the output of 'upsc ups' (which does spits back some useful data)? or is there a simpler / more elegant way to do things?
    • I have a Eaton 5PX 1500 Rack/Tower LCD with the Eaton Network Card-MS Remote Management Adapter. Works great using the NUT plugin.

      3 Servers 30 drives, router, switch, etc. works great! Plus you can link more batteries to it to expand run time...…ck-Tower-LCD/2350734.aspx
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