[HELP] Can't Log in on the Web-Gui with right credentials

    • OMV 2.x
    • Resolved
    • Is this thread dead? I figured Ill try regurgitate an old thread instead of generating ANOTHER thread based on the same persistent problem.

      I can confirm, that OMV is just a tetchy bugger.
      GUI working perfectly for months. Today, I apparently have an incorrect password or username.

      OMV OS HDD is not full (1Tb)
      Reset PW via firstaid. No go.
      Cleared GUI cache, nup.

      I have 2 mates Ive put onto OMV originally, and both have suffered similar problems.
      Sometimes it just starts working again with no input. The last time it happened to me, I had to re-install OMV.

      Peeps offer up solutions, Ive tried what I can, but most of it requires oodles of research to figure out what they're talking about, before I can even attempt the fixes.
      Is there a way of explaining things without being a linux uber-nerd? I suspect this software may be a case of 10% using 90% of the features and the other 90% simply wanting 10% to just work.

      Would love to get some stable use out of OMV. I don't physically touch the install except for occasional updates and adding new shares if required.
      Would love to know, though, how not touching OMV can create circumstances that lock you out of your own system completely. (Ive not touched the GUI for about 2 weeks)

      Hoping a linux noob can get their head around this.