Cant use Shares in Plex

    • OMV 2.x
    • Cant use Shares in Plex

      im am testing OMV for a few weeks now.
      I set it up with an SnapRAID and aufs Pooling.

      Then i created a share, and a samba share for my movies.
      I added the plex user to the users group as mentioned before.
      I created a group "internal" for my own user and plex and gave this group permission to the "movies" share.

      When i open the plex page and want to create a library for movies and add a directory here, i cant see the "movies" share, just the hash-values that seem to represent the physical drives.

      Is that right? because of using aufs i think i never can be sure on which drive my data really is.

      I thought in plex i could see the same shares as in OMV or windows explorer.

      Whats wrong?

    • I went with tekkb suggestions myself. I have been testing a server for couple of weeks with MergerFS and Plex. I haven't seen any issues. My write speeds are over 100MB/s with default settings. I have not created any special group. Simply created shares as detailed in the document above and assigned to Samba. I only added one user with read/write access to the top level shares. I am able to see the shares on my Windows desktop and also visible in the Plex library where you add folders. If you have specific questions, please ask.