SSD vs SSHD for boot drive

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    • SSD vs SSHD for boot drive

      I could use some expert advise here. There has been many threads on using the USB Flash drive or SSD for a boot drive. I am currently building a media server and booting from a Sandisk Ultra 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive. I have also installed the flash plugin. Many experts have recommended against using a flash drive for boot owing to frequent failures. So I am asking:

      1) I have a spare 64GB SSD which I could use. I could use the SSD and store the data for Plex, VirtualBox images and MySQL in the pool that I have created. Is it advisable? My concern is that storing this data in the pool will keep the disks churning all the time.

      2) I have a spare 500GB SSHD 2.5-inch drive. I could partition it and use the extra space for storing databases for Plex, MySQL and VirtualBox images.

      Please advise which is a better way. Thank you. :)