Headless rPi won't start OMV without HDMI connected.

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    • Headless rPi won't start OMV without HDMI connected.

      I am using a raspberry pi B+ to share some folders on a USB hard drive via SMB and DLNA. Everything seems to work great as long as the HDMI cable is connected to an active monitor when I start up the rPi.

      However, the intent is to put it in a closet with the hard drive where my router is, and I found that when I put it in there it never comes up. After some troubleshooting I determined that it hangs somewhere in startup when the HDMI cable is not hooked up. I consider it to have "come up" by waiting a couple minutes and then connecting by SSH or via the web interface. If the HDMI is hooked up then I am able to see it boot to a login prompt successfully, and I am able to connect from my laptop by both methods. Without the HDMI connected, it doesn't matter how long I wait, connections to both SSH and the Web interface are refused. I should add though, that it does respond to pings.

      I have tried turning on and off various options in config.txt (hdmi_safe, force_hdmi_hotplug, and various hdmi_mode settings) and I also tried temporarily replacing the config.sys with one from another image that boots up fine headlessly (that one is a basic raspbian install with a deluge daemon that does come up fine with no HDMI cable plugged in, on the same rPi) but that also did not help.

      I have done apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and rpi-update

      It's odd because I do not need the monitor in any way, I can accomplish everything I need via the web interface and SSH. I think I only hooked it up in the first place to see why it wasn't booting when I initially started messing with OMV, but of course then it worked fine and it didn't occur to me at the time that the HDMI cable would be the difference. Has anyone seen this before?

    • That does seem very similar, though it looks like multiple people are having that problem with the same board, where as it seems like plenty of people are using it with the rPi no problem.

      I have found a solution though, sorta.

      I decided to put the card into a rPi2 and in this case it didn't start up even with the HDMI connected -- it would get stuck at the DHCP lease for some reason, even though it did acquire an address and was responding to pings.

      I thought since it was responding to pings but nothing else, maybe this was the same place it was getting hung up booting headless with the rPi B+ so I put it back in there and started it up with the HDMI cable connected so that I could open the web interface. I set the IP address/subnet/gateway in here to a static address rather than using DHCP. It now boots headlessly from the rPi B+ or the rPi 2B with no problem.

      So it seems that it was having problems with DHCP, but for whatever reason, on the rPi1 it didn't have a problem with the lease *BUT ONLY IF* the HDMI cable was connected.

      Those things seem more or less unrelated, so I tried turning DHCP back on and confirmed that yes I had the same issue -- won't start from the rPi2 but does respond to pings. Won't start from the rPi B+ without the HDMI cable plugged in but does respond to pings. Does start from the rPi B+ with the HDMI cable plugged in. I set it back to static and it does start from both rPis regardless of the HDMI cable. Very weird, but anyway, I'm up and running.
    • gderf wrote:

      Similar problems were reported with certain ASUS motherboards that refused to boot headless without a video monitor connetcted.
      Just for the record (and Google). This does not apply to any ARM board out there, they run pretty fine headless (I've over 40 ARM boards here and maybe 5 times connected the HDMI port of any of them to a display at boot)