Emby: enable writing metadata to media folders

    • Emby: enable writing metadata to media folders

      OK, for people that want their metadata to be saved in your media share folders there are 3 things you need to do. The 4th item is for people that already have created their media share. If you do 1-3 before creating your media share you are OK.

      1) This command will add the emby user to the users group. The command is in the Notes, #4, on the plugins Settings panel:

      usermod -a -G users emby

      2) You need go into the Emby UI at home / manage server / metadata
      Then on the right you need to put a check mark in "Save artwork and metadata into media folders"

      3) When you add your media shared folder to SAMBA go to Services / SMB/CIFS /
      Then click on the Shares TAB
      Click on Add
      Then click on the Shared folder drop down and select your media shared folder.
      Then scroll down to extra options at the bottom and put in this:
      directory mask = 0775
      Then click on save.
      Restart samba with "service samba restart"

      4) If you had already created your media share you need to look at the last step. Edit your share in the Shares TAB of SMB/CIFS and add this extra option from step 3. Save and restart Samba with "service samba restart"
      Then run this command to correct the chmod on your media share's folders.
      Say your share is at /media/UUID/mediashare you would:

      (input your UUID of the filesystem where your media share is and in the find command use your mediashare name)
      cd /media/UUID/
      find mediashare -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;