Installing OMV onto a USB drive & GRUB Error

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  • Installing OMV onto a USB drive & GRUB Error

    If you plan to install OMV onto a USB drive (Flash or HDD), then there's high chance that near the end of the install, there will be a fatal error during the step to install the GRUB boot loader. Like this one:

    [Blocked Image:]

    This is a known bug in 2.x but fixed in the upcoming 3.x.

    If you see this error message, then at this point unplug the OMV Installer USB drive (NOT your target USB drive). It is no longer needed to complete the install.
    Now, select <Go Back> and enter.

    You will be present with a list of install steps.
    Choose "Install GRUB...." and continue with the remaining install process.

    Hopefully this will save you some frustration.
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    HP Microserver N40L; OMV 4.1.18-2;