Win 10 Cannot See the OMV device.

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    • Win 10 Cannot See the OMV device.

      Hi – Win 10 Cannot See the OMV device.

      From the outset thank you all for being here. I have been trying to network my Raspberry Pi 3 for 3 months or more and no luck. I finally found OpenMediaVault and it looks good.

      I have installed and re-installed many times and used many installation guides in English and German (although I have no idea what the Germans said – there are very few guides.) I got a little more from each. Why can there not be one….

      All I want to do it make a NAS to access file – nothing difficult …so I thought. Only 1 HDD and there is a cable to the network…

      I cannot enable Cloud as I cannot find any way of getting a certificate – do I need this. I have turned on all that I can but my Win 10 cannot see the OpenMediaValult (OMV).

      My apologies, I could not find a search function and I really do not know anything about computer code. So this is why I was drawn to OMV)

      Can any kind person help? No error messages. I am in the Australia Bush/Outback and there are no people who know anything about anything.

      How do I get notification of a response????

      my email is

      So if anyone answers can they email me????
    • How do I get notification of a response????

      @foxint: at the top of this thread is a small icon which says "manage subscription"; here you can select if you want to get notified if a new response has been added

      regarding the other topics: may be you can show the guide which you followed and how far you got; at the moment I think there is too little information to help you

      by the way, since a couple of weeks I also have problems to see OMV from Windows 10; worked before without issue, but then it stopped; now I need to connect to the NAS via "connect network adress" - hope it is the correct english translation
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    • I"m using Windows 10, and have no issue.
      Make sure the workgroup name on your OMV and your Windows 10 computer are the same.
      Also ensure your computer and OMV are on the same network.
      If you're on a different subnet, then you need to add some firewall rules on your computer, so it talks to each other.
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