Newbie setting up NFS.

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    • Newbie setting up NFS.

      HI everyone, this is my first post on this forum and I am seeking advice on setting up NFS.I am a 60 year old who has had to retire because of ill health and I have decided to learn about computing to keep the grey cells ticking over (ha ha ), but back to my question. I have built two computers using an AMD AMI chipset for general everyday computing and have also built a NAS unit using a dual core AMD chipset with which I have put OMV onto.The other two computers are running linux mint 17.3 xfce. All three units are in my small home office (spare boxroom) and are connected using a TP-LINK 8 port gigabit switch which then goes downstairs to my router and from that unit to a virgin modem all connected using cat6a cabling.I am also using APC ups units to back everything up power wise. When I come to setting up my services I want to use NFS as I dont use any other operating systems. On setting up the shares do I need to put each ip adress in of my computers, or just put a range of last two sets of numbers in, ie, ?, and in the extra options box can I leave it on the default setting or should I change it to something else. Also do I need to alter anything within the linux mint operating system on my other computers ?.Also in the settings part I enable the setting , but do I leave the default setting for the number of servers ?. I look forward to hearing any replies to my questions, CHEERS ALL.
    • The network section can be left empty, is just security in case of multiple subnets. There is no authentication on nfs.
      if all clients are Linux the default options should be enough.
      That subnet 193.x looks like a public ip and not private ip space. Did you created that subnet in your router? If you did so then you should change it.
      The default number of servers should be enough.
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    • Hi,

      I just setup NFS sharing as well among some linux virtual machines. I did everything via the command line. Here is what I did if you would like to try.

      1. on OMV, I created a shared folder, then in the NFS section I enabled the service and also left everything as default.
      2. I created an NFS share named NFSshare

      3. on my client linux box, i created a folder in /mnt -> mkdir -p /mnt/nfs/share (this is the name that will show up on the client, doesn't have to be the same name as the share created on OMV but can be).

      4. I then mounted the OMV share on my linux box with command: "mount OMV_ip:/export/NFSshare /mnt/nfs/share" (this is basically saying mount the NFSshare folder from OMV under the name share on my client box).

      5. type in the command "df -h". you should not see the share mounted

      6. If it looks right, cd to /mnt/share/share and do a test by typing "touch test.txt" if you can write the file you are all set, if you get a permissions issue that means you can't write to the NFSshare.

      7. If everything looks good at this point you will want to make it persistent so restarts the mount will automatically mount. To do this, you will want to edit the /etc/fstab file. You can do that by typing in "vi /etc/fstab". The file may look funky, I have no clue what the other stuff means but you will go to the end of the file and add in the line:

      "OMV_ip:/export/NFSshare mnt/nfs/share nfs default 0 0" without the quotes

      This entry will set it so the mount will automatically be mounted if you ever restart your machine. Notice it is basically the same thing you typed in step 4 just without the "mount" part.

      If I made a mistake that someone sees, please let me know as this is also my first time with NFS and this is how I did it with my boxes. Since I mounted with /export I know I am using NFSv3. If you mount without the /export part, you will mount with NFS v4. v4 i know has other settings such as domain that needs to be adjusted to which makes it a bit more complicated. I honestly don't see a difference with nfsV3 and v4 for my usage which is to stream medica between boxes so I just stuck with the easier way.