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      Hi guys,

      I just bought an HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8 G1610T.
      The following Hardware is installed:
      - 1x SanDisk X100s, 250GB SSD in the ODD-Slot, connected on Sata-Port 5 (Mainboard) => For the OS
      - 1x 4GB MicroSD-Card => GRUB to redirect to the SSD to boot from it
      - 2x 4TB Seagate NAS HDD in Slots 1 & 2
      - Rest: original equipment

      The following Software/OS is installed:
      - Open Media Vault 3.0.25 (erasmus)
      - OMV-Extras3

      - Raid: Mirror
      - HDDs are formatted in XFS
      - different SMB Shares/shared folders on the HDD

      The transfer rate in both directions (reading + writing) is very slow (up to 6MB/s).

      What I did so far:
      - added SMB additional setting: max protocol = SMB3 ==> This gave speeds up to 7MB/s (wow :D)
      - upgraded to backportkernel 4.5.0 ==> increased speed up to 8MB/s
      - on windows 10 client: set autotuninglevel to disabled ==> didn't change anything
      - connected different clients directly (via switch) or via wifi to the server and tried it (no big differences)

      I have the exact same problems on a DIY Server (old Esprimo P400 with i3) at my workplace, but here the speeds don't go over 11MB/s with the same changes (except that I installed backportkernel 4.6.0 recently) and the connection is over GBit Switch via CAT5e cable everytime.

      Can anyone help me please?

      Thanks in advance :)
    • Hi, sorry for the late answer... had some more issues, which I had to fix first (what I did, thanks to your help as well :D)

      ryecoaaron wrote:

      I would check the network with iperf.

      This gives me the following output:

      Source Code

      1. [ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
      2. [ 4] 0.0-10.0 sec 55.6 MBytes 46.5 Mbits/sec

      Client: Virtualbox with Ubuntu 16.04 on Windows 10 connected via WLAN-AC
      (On Windows, iperf didn't give any output)
    • 46.5 Mbits/sec = slow. That tells me it is a network issue and the speeds you are seeing are as fast as you will get with the current network setup.
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    • Hello, i have the same configuration with little exceptions, first thing that i need to tell you is that if you test your configuration from a notebook over wifi you will never get max speeds because of the wifi network adapter of you notebook, and the second opinion is that the 2 connection from your server to the 2 network ports of the router if is not well configured it will slow the speed. On a windows 10 machine conected on same switch via gigabit cable i get about 90 Mb/s read and write speed, on the notebook ( a ThinkPad x220 with a Intel centrino advanced-N 6205) i get over wifi some 10 Mb/s, and another notebook with a broadcom adapter i get about 6-8 Mb/s.
      So my advice is to test on wired network with a good gigabit network adapter.
    • @IWillTry

      I had this problem too with wireless connections. If you have an AC Router then try setting the mode from mixed to AC only. I jumped from ~5.4 Mbps to 23 Mbps just by changing the wireless router mode. If your drives are formatted btrfs you can also get an improvement setting vfs objects = btrfs in the smb.conf file

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