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      Hi guys,

      i have a new server with OMV 2.1

      after install and enable LDAP plugin i have a problem with gui configuration:

      i don't have a admin or password of ldap server.. the only info i have:

      Server URI: ldap://xxxxldapxxx

      in the other Debian (not OMV) i just install libnss-ldapd and follow the terminal wizard with the info i have and set passwd, shadow e group.

      so i dont'have any admin password or other things.. i can use the webgui with this info or i must configure ldap with libnss-ldapd textual wizard?

      and another thing: how i can update the OVM without install the 3.0 OVM release? (just update the 2.1)

      thanks in advance and sorry for bad english
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