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      I currently have my OMV setup with ZFS and 3 striped mirrors. I have created a few filesystems on the zpool but sometimes some services like AppleFilefilling, NFS, CouchPotato, Sonarr or SMB start before the ZFS pool is mounted.

      This can cause some ZFS filesystems to not mount properly. The only way to fix this is to stop all services export the ZFS pool, check if the mount locations are actually empty or not in use and then import the ZFS pool again.

      Is there a way to prioritize the bootup of services so the pool gets mounted first and then the services start? Thanks!
    • Can you clarify which version of omv are you using? i guess is 2.0

      Back in the days when the plugin was created several complains came regarding this issue, the problem was zfs-mount service was running at runlevel [345], this means at the same time all other normal services were starting. zfs-mount was shipped by ZOL package. I recall the developer decided to ship an init override for zfs-mount to start at S level (when all disk mounts happens).
      You should have this file (only if you're using the plugin)


      This I think was solved in the debian jessie ZoL package in the corresponding systemd unit
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