It works! (I accidentally remove apache2...)

    • OMV 1.0
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    • Upgrade 1.x -> 2.x
    • It works! (I accidentally remove apache2...)

      Well...I went to connect to the web interface and was welcomed by the

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      1. It works!
      2. This is the default web page for this server.
      3. The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

      I was messing around trying to get things working when I accidentally ran

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      1. apt-get remove --purge apache2*
      Any suggestions on how I can recover? I reinstalled apache2 but I know there was a ton of stuff that was uninstalled and I'm still presented with the It Works! screen.

      Current version:

      Source Code

      1. ================================================================================
      2. = OpenMediaVault information
      3. ================================================================================
      4. Release: 1.19
      5. Codename: Kralizec
    • Use the CLI command omv-firstaid to reconfigure your web administration interface.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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