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    • Name Resolution Not working Fresh Install - Please Help

      I have installed a fresh copy of OMV 2.1. I know that this has been rehashed many times here but I read all the posts with no luck.
      During the installation of OMV at home I input the proper and tested IP of an available IP, the Public DNS of and the gateway address of my router. I select nothing for domain. (I have tried with a domain)
      Sometimes when the installation is finished I do not get a url to connect to the box, so I have to manually configure the network using omv-firstaid inputting the same info as before during instalaltion. After rebooting I can get in via a web browser.
      Once in, I goto network and check the proper IP, DNS which I use and, no domain and everything else looks good. Kepp in mind if I goto the CLI on the box and ping anything on the internet (domain name) like google or Microsoft or even our corporate webserver, nothing. if I ping and IP address I get responses, if I ping my router I get responses, if I ping devices in my house I get responses. (all by IP address)
      Now if I goto plugins to install any of the available ones I get host not known/cannot resolve hosts.
      I have even rebooted my router and switches, used the 2nd net port on the box, connected straight to the router. no difference.

      Any insight would be helpful. Sounds like a configuration file needs to either be edited or blown away and recreated. Again, I don't know.

      Thanks in advance.

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