Setting up Hikvision IP camera to use OMV as storage

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    • Setting up Hikvision IP camera to use OMV as storage

      Hello all,

      I got a RPi 3 mainly to use as storage for a new IP camera. I plumped for OMV and am pleased with it (using v2.2.9). I added a 2TB USB drive, 2.5 inch so the RPi powers it and it's nearly silent.

      The camera is a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I, I had hoped to use a NFS share on OMV for storage but it can also use SMB. Both devices are wired on my home network.

      I had some problems setting it all up (both camera and OMV settings) so thought I'd share things here. I'm new to OMV, a total amateur with linux, so any comments or feedback welcome.

      These Hikvisions cameras seem to have problems with NFS, as documented here.

      Basically the NFS share appears to be initialised properly by the camera, but soon enough it appears to be uninitialised and can't be used. Apparently it's a bug with any storage space over 200GB. One option might be to set up a specific partition of 200GB and have that as a NFS share, and on the above link they have some ways of doing so with virtual disks.

      I went for setting up a SMB share, cos then you can set the camera to log into the SMB with a user, and the user is set with a quota of 200GB. So here's what I did...

      In OMV:
      1. Create an empty, shared folder for your camera to use, I called mine IPcamVideo.
      2. Create a new user (e.g. hikcamuser). Add them to the sambashare group.
      3. While still viewing the list of users, give the new user R/W privileges to access your IPcamVideo share.
      4. Under the file systems view, select the device where the share resides. Click on 'quota' above and give your hikcamuser user a quota of 200GB.

      In the config of the camera:
      5. Find the storage management option, click on the Net HDD tab.
      6. Choose an empty entry, select SMB/CIFS, enter the username of hikcamuser (or whatever you chose), and their password.
      7. Just above that, enter the IP address of your OMV device amd the file path is /IPcamVideo (or whatever you chose). Click the test button, it should be OK, so then click Save below.
      8. On the HDD management tab, select your new device, which should be listed as uninitialised with 200GB capacity. Click format. (don't worry, it doesn't actually format anything, it sets up a directory structure).
      9. Once done, select it again and edit the 'percentage of record' box near the bottom to give 95% to video, the rest to JPGs. Click save.

      I think that's all. Any comments or feedback welcome. If there's a way of giving a quota to an NFS share in OMV, without doing things with partitions or virtual disks, that could be useful.
      OMV 4 on Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2 and HC2, HP Proliant N36L and N54L