Can't Wake On Lan after autoshutdown

    • OMV 2.x
    • Can't Wake On Lan after autoshutdown

      Hi guys.

      I'm trying to make the system autoshutdown and then wake it away from home. I kind of made it work but in some situations it doesn't.

      What I have so far -

      - I can suspend de system with pm-suspend and wake it anywhere using kodi (advanced wake on lan), web browser ( and android app (from depicus too).
      - If I suspend with autoshutdown I can wake it if I'm in the same network with kodi and desktop (

      The problem is that I can't wake it any other way if I autoshutdown and I can't understand why.

      I tried installing backport kernel and activating WOL on the interface settings but nothing changed.

      I'm using a ASUS AM1-i motherboard.

      Any ideias of what might be the problem?