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      Hi everyone,

      Since I am using OMV, I try to find a way to backup my data. Everybody knows that Raid does not prevent from file deletation, and from something destroying all the drives (fire, thiefs etc...).
      My first idea is to compress then copy all my important data to a remote hard drive via FTP. Using Python, MySQL and lftp.

      But maybe some of you have a better idea. Here are the important specification for me:
      • I can only access the Remote HDD with FTPES
      • The remote HDD has less space, so I need compression and the ability to ignore some files/folders
      • I want to configure a start time and a end time for the backup, if the backup is not finished at the end time, it will stop and wait the next start time
      If nothing already existis I will start developing a plugin or a docker doing the job, but it will take time...

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    • ness1602 wrote:

      Compress with bzip and then copy it. Make an os_backup script that fires lets say once a week.
      And then make another cron that kills 1st script if its not completed until...
      Using Cron to kill a task really bad, every time you do this it makes a panda sad.

      Dropkick Murphy wrote:

      rsync via ftp(es) may be a solution:…sing-rsync-and-curlftpfs/
      May have to add some cron-stuff or so...

      This solution may work for me, I need to test it thanks.
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