Blu-Ray Disc Off-Site Backup

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    • Blu-Ray Disc Off-Site Backup

      So, In my last server which was WHS-2011 I used my Blu-Ray recorder to backup my most important data in addition to a hard drive. Does anyone out there recommend a solution for doing this with OMV? I thought about using the VM that runs my WHS2011 client backup, but I am trying to get away from windows. I would rather not use that VM for anything else except the client backup of all my machines. Even if I could make another VM, would the drive be able to be use by VirtualBox as a recordable drive? Anyway I would rather do it natively with linux so any assistance would be appreciated. Would be awesome if there was a plug-in for that but sigh... Oh well... :)
    • I think you would be better off to use a usb stick/hard drive and use the usbbackup plugin. If you still want to use blurays, look into Amanda.
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