Too much RAM in my OMV?

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    • Too much RAM in my OMV?


      my OMV 3.0.65 is running virtualized on an ESXi 6.5 server. I configured the hardware to have 4x vCPU (2,1 GHz) and 8 GB RAM.
      Now I recognized, that this was maybe too much. Cause I am using only one Samba share to stream a movie sometimes and sometimes copy some files to the share. So really very basic needs as a home user.
      Here are my CPU and memory usage statistics. Do you think I should reduce memory to 4 GB or even 2 GB? Also reduce CPUs?

      [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]
    • 1 vcpu and 1 GB of ram would probably be fine. I would use 2GB of ram just to be comfortable.
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    • Unless you are using some plugins that require a lot of RAM (like Virtualbox or Plex), then 2Gb should be more than enough for a NAS.

      Linux will typically uses up all available RAM, which is normal, so the RAM usage percentage is not a good metric.

      Your data rate issue might have to do with how your drives are set up in ESXI. On a NAS, it shouldn't have much to do with RAM or CPU. I use Proxmox, so I can't help, but my speed increased dramatically when I disabled caching on the drive settings.

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